They say home is where the heart is, but when the house in question is the real-life inspo for a scary movie franchise, it is more like home is where the fright is. There’s a new documentary in theaters and On Demand that’s exploring the spooky spot known as Shireen’s office, but there’s also one about the “Conjuring” house.

Vera Whelpton: “We have been warned. Something bad is still here.”

Kendall Whelpton: “At nighttime, it can be dark and sinister.”

There’s nothing sweet about this home. In the new documentary “The Sleepless Unrest,” paranormal investigators and filmmakers put their nerves to the test by living in the house that inspired “The Conjuring” for two weeks.

Narrator: “In 1971, the Perron family moved into their dream home.”

Lili Taylor (as Carolyn Perron): “It’s gonna be great.”

Narrator: “But they didn’t know it was the site of a brutal murder.”

Kendall Whelpton: “We just wanted to hang on for the ride and document it and experience it, and we felt like the house, progressively through time, was interacting with us more and more once it got to know us.”

Directors Kendall and Vera Whelpton say their job is a little different from how it’s normally portrayed in the movies. For one, they’re not looking for jump scares.

Patrick Wilson (as Ed Warren): “You picking up anything in here, hun?”

Vera Farmiga (as Loraine Warren): “Something awful happened here, Ed.”

Patrick Wilson (as Ed Warren): “What is it?”

Kendall Whelpton: “For Vera and I, our goal is to capture physical evidence. I mean, we want to go in and get proof on video, audio. It does get scary sometimes because of – you’re asking for things.”

And some weird stuff did happen to them.

Vera Whelpton: “The batteries were draining insanely.”

Kendall Whelpton: “Yeah, our camera gear and our devices.”

Vera Whelpton: “At the same time, Richel and I are were smelling weird odors, and the energy just changed.”

The moral of the story is, don’t mess with haunted things, because they have of way of getting out.

“The Sleepless Unrest” is now playing in select theaters and Video On Demand. Don’t watch it alone!

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