In sci-fi thriller ‘Synchronic,’ Mackie and Dornan discover time is an illusion

Boy George famously opined: in time, there could have been so much more. But time is precious, and in “Synchronic,” time is the key. Stars Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan told us their movie is gonna make it feel like time is standing still.

Anthony Mackie (as Steve): “You know, they say we see everything once in this gig? Pretty sure we’ve never seen this.”

Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan play paramedics in New Orleans whose lives are ripped apart after they encounter something beyond their imagining in “Synchronic.”

Anthony Mackie: “From the first moment we met, the time that we spent together was just easy. It was just really a relaxed set, and everybody kind of came into it with an open mind, and really, really, had a good time.”

That helped make up for some of the tougher aspects of filming in New Orleans.

Jamie Dornan: “Anthony’s from New Orleans, so he can speak to this more, but from what I could work out, we were in some pretty dodgy parts of the city, at night, late at night, like 3 or 4 in the morning, and they weren’t flourishing neighborhoods, let’s say that.”

Anthony Mackie (as Steve): “OK, where’s Brianna and what did she take?”

Natasha Tina Liu (as Christina): “She was sitting right there.”

The title refers to a drug that, without giving too much away, affects the user’s sense of time.

Anthony Mackie (as Steve): “Time … is an illusion.”

Marvel movie veteran Mackie drew a connection between “Synchronic” and “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Endgame.”

Anthony Mackie: “Everybody now is focusing on and questioning the idea of time. You know, the idea of how much do we get back, how much are we missing in time, how much is every moment of time in your life worth?”

Jamie Dornan (as Dennis): “The next dose could kill you.”

Anthony Mackie (as Steve): “There are things that are far worse than death.”

“Synchronic” is out now in theaters and drive-in venues.

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