Good news: Tom Hanks has a new movie out. He’s playing a news reader from the olden times who has a heart of gold. Deco’s very own man on the street, Alex Miranda, is here with the facts.

Fact: 99.7% of people in the world love Tom Hanks. Also a fact: “Forrest Gump” is one of the great movies of all time. In the new Western drama “News of the World,” America’s favorite movie star has a new worthy sidekick.

Tom Hanks is starring in another movie. Do we need to tell you more, or should we just buy the tickets already?

Tom Hanks (as Capt. Jefferson Kyle Kidd): “My name is Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, and I’m here tonight to read the news from across this great world of ours.”

In “News of the World,” Tom plays a, well, news reporter of sorts, five years after the end of the Civil War.

Fred Hechinger (as John Calley): “So they pay you to tell stories. I ain’t never heard of that as a thing a man could do.”

Tom Hanks: “He got up. He collected the stories. He picked which one to wear out. He put up his posters. He delivered a reading, and then he moved on to the next town.”

But after Jefferson stumbles upon a child who was held captive by the local Kiowa Tribe, he takes a dangerous journey across Texas to reunite the 10-year-old with her closest living relatives.

Tom Hanks: “In Texas, particularly, there is strife and anger and defeat. Very little has been decided.”

Little Helena Zengel, who’s from Germany, had a lot of homework to do before taking on the big part.

Helena Zengel: “When I first came here to America, I directly started with Kiowa lessons, and I started to learn something about their tradition, about how they live.”

The learning didn’t stop there.

Helena Zengel: “I also had never been to America, I just heard a lot about this country and that it’s very beautiful, about the West, the Western. I’m really excited, and I like it.”

We do, too — although, wait ’til she hears about our politics.

Tom Hanks: “That girl threw me curve balls again and again and again, and she wasn’t doing it to throw me curve balls. She was just being her.”

Just like her character, Johanna.

Helena Zengel: “I see a little bit myself in her because I’m also really self-confident and like to do things by myself.”

You can watch “News of the World” in theaters on Christmas Day.

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