Hungry, thirsty and need a haircut? Deco found 2 places in 1 location that’ll deliver

When it comes to places to eat and drink, Fort Lauderdale has a lot of options. Now there is a place that is a cut above the rest, and you can get a hair cut here too.

Milk Money Bar and Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale isn’t just a spot serving up great food and drinks.

Scott Ojeda, owner of Milk Money Bar and Kitchen: “We are trying to offer the community something that has never been done in Fort Lauderdale — something for everybody, a one-stop shop to keep you here from 7 a.m. until midnight. Keep you caffeinated in the morning and alcohol at night.”

Milk Money shares a space with Warsaw Coffee shop.

Scott Ojeda: “We are a cocktail lounge, we’re a full-service restaurant, we’re a coffee shop, we’re a bakery.”

And get this … inside of Milk Money is Buck and Beard Barbershop.

Jose Lima, founder of Buck and Beard Barber Shop: “Buck and Beard is a barbershop where we do men’s hair, beards, women’s hair color, manicure, pedicure, facials and waxing.”

A barbershop inside a restaurant? They had the space so — why not?

Scott Ojeda: “The fun and unique thing about Buck and Beard is that it’s a speakeasy barbershop. Their entrance is through our bar.”

Jose Lima: “People think it is like a hidden gem, like a treasure.”

You can grab a drink and take it with you for a trim.

But, if you want to sit down for a meal…

Scott Ojeda: “What is unique about Milk Money’s cuisine is that we cater to everyone and offer cuisine from around the world.”

From the vegan cauliflower wings and the Sriracha-glazed Brussel sprouts to the pan-seared salmon with coconut rice to the cocktails, Milk Money is mixing up fun and funky flavors.

Scott Ojeda: “One of our amazing cocktails is a Sailor to Pirate. It is a rum-based old fashioned that turns into a piña colada.”

A little fire and smoke — and voila.

Scott Ojeda: “We have a booze-infused block that eventually melts and turns into a piña colada.”

Customers like the idea of one-stop shopping.

Rocco Mecoli, customer: “I love the layered approach. You can get anything done that you want. For me obviously you can see that I’m hungry, I’m thirsty and I need my beard trimmed.”


Milk Money Bar & Kitchen/ Buck & Beard Barbershop
815 NE 13th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
(954) 399-2327

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