‘How I Met Your Mother’ actor Josh Radnor talks passion for music, debut album

You laughed at him on “How I Met Your Mother.” Hopefully, you won’t laugh at him when he sings because Josh Radnor swears, when it comes to music, he’s the real deal.

Josh Radnor (as Ted): “Hey, it’s Ted. Hi. Do you wanna have dinner tomorrow night? Great. It was clear I meant with me, right?”

You might know actor Josh Radnor from his role as Ted in “How I Met Your Mother.”

But have you ever heard him sound like this?!

Josh Radnor (singing): “I’m here at the crossroads.”

Josh is also a musician! And he just dropped his debut solo EP titled “One More Then I’ll Let You Go.”

Josh Radnor: “Some stories you want to tell for 90 minutes in a movie and some stories you want to tell for three minutes in a song.”

The album is inspired by his personal life.

Josh Radnor: “To have had some failures, to have had some success, to have had relationships work and relationships not work. To just feel that kind of like highs and lows of life in my mid 40’s.”

Although he’s most known for acting, Josh says music has always been a passion.

Josh Radnor: “I got into acting in high school because I was doing musicals, so I’ve always been a singer and I always had a musical sense. I’ve always been a huge music fan.”

Before going solo, Josh was also part of an indie-folk duo “Radnor and Lee” with his pal Ben Lee.
And he’s excited for more fans to find out about his music.

Josh Radnor: “There’s probably a lot of people that just know me from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and they think he’s just a guy on TV. And then there are other people that subscribe to my newsletters and watch my movies and love my songs, and those, that’s a smaller group, but, it’s definitely like people that will go with me wherever I want to go because they just like what I’m making, and I’m excited by that.”

Josh Radnor (singing): “I will find you where you are.”

Josh is also looking forward to hitting the road and touring in the future.

Josh Radnor: “I miss audiences. I miss the engagement and the kind of conversation that happens in a live performance.”

Josh Radnor (singing): “You feel new.”

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