You know what would be cooler than the show “How I Met Your Mother”? How about “How I Met Your Sister-In-Law.” No, just kidding.

“How I Met Your Father”! We’re talking with the series sequel cast, starring Hilary Duff, all about the new show.

“How I Met Your Father” is just like, you guessed it, “How I Met Your Mother,” but with a new group of young New Yorkers, including Hilary Duff.

Hilary Duff: “The first table read where we all got to be together, I think all of us left with, like, that little shiver down your spine feeling of like, ‘Holy, that worked’ and ‘I think we have a show.'”

Chris Lowell: “We all really do get along, very clearly, off-set as well as on, and that alone, I think, makes our show very special to watch.”

Tien Tran: “New relationships, new friendships, but to get to have that universe to play in and then go a different direction is so exciting.”

And obvi, the new show’s creators were big fans of the original series.

Elizabeth Berger: “We continue to love the world of just being young, in that chapter of life where your friends feel like your family, and you’re coming up and trying to figure out your career and your love life.”

Isaac Aptaker: “We had characters on the page, and we had ideas of who these people were in our heads, but you want to be flexible. If you see something that’s magic, you want to write towards it. You want to make it work for your show.”

Francia Raisa: “I remember my manager telling me, like, they really want to cast first, and see who’s going to play these characters, to really write around them, and I was like, ‘oh,’ so it was fun to know that I had the freedom to really, really create.”

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