South Florida rappers Mike Smiff and F$O Dinero just dropped a tribute to Dade and Broward, but it’s the Help Me Howard name check that has us crying in laughter. Yup, our boys are so hot, they’re featured in the chorus. It’s my favorite line in the song. Well, that and my wrists on Theraflu.

Look, South Florida rappers Mike Smiff…

Mike Smiff (in song): “I went broke, and my phone stopped ringing.”

And F$O Dinero

F$O Dinero (in song): “Fresh off a boat, you know I’m the goat.”

Are cool…

F$O Dinero (in song): “And I made it out the gutter, cashing out on every beat.”

But, have you ever watched Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser?

Patrick Fraser: “Howard?”

Howard Finkelstein: “Patrick, technically you can cite someone, but come on. She just got out of the pool, and you have to give people a break.”

It’s a toss-up.

F$O Dinero: “If you from Broward, you gotta know Help Me Howard.”

Or Dade, and that’s the idea behind their new club banger, “Dade x Broward.”

Mike Smiff: “Oh, she thicc. It looks like she from Dade.”

Now, we can’t play the full, um, adult lyrics, but this name-check had us all cracking up!

F$O Dinero (in song): “Got her screaming Help Me Howard!”

One more for time for the people in the back!

Group: “Got her screaming Help Me Howard!”

We met Smiff and Dinero at Rebel 11 Studios in Doral for a first listen, and I really got into pretending how to use the mixer.

Mike is from Dade, F$O from Broward, and they say this song is signature SoFlo.

Mike Smiff: “We talkin’ about the girls, the cars, you know, the sun.”

F$O Dinero: “The song is a vibe. It’s fun. You know, when you hear it, just alone the beat.”

And that the counties do have some differences.

Mike Smiff: “The way they talk, the dress code, the rims on the cars, grills.”

But, plot twist…

F$O Dinero: “I think he gonna like it. He gonna hear it. You feel me? I think he gonna vibe.”

Howard and Patrick have entered the chat!

Patrick Fraser: “I listen to country music and rock ‘n’ roll.”

Howard Finkelstein: “If it’s after ’71, I don’t listen to it.”

And finally heard that chorus!

Howard Finkelstein: “That was… (laughs).”

Patrick Fraser: “That’s his answer.”

Howard Finkelstein: “That was funny.”

Do I hear remix?

F$O Dinero: “I wish we had him in the music video. We need ’em in there.”

Mike Smiff: “Most def.”

I mean, all they really need now are stage names.

Patrick Fraser: “PF Flyer.”

Howard Finkelstein: “Lil’ Howie.”

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