Hakkasan spices up vegetarian dishes during Miami Spice

You can’t please all the people all the time, but now you can at least double your odds. That’s why one local spot is serving up two Miami Spice menus.

When it comes to Miami Spice, Hakkasan at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach is spicing things up for vegetarians.

Thomas Connell: “A lot of restaurants when they offer the menu for Miami Spice, they will insert a couple vegetarian options, but we wanted to do an entire menu for vegetarians.”

This traditional Cantonese restaurant has two menus for Spice, one for meat eaters and one for non-meat eaters.

Thomas Connell: “I don’t think enough people understand what the flexibility that vegetables can do from a cook’s perspective, and it can provide a full meal.”

While some of your friends are eating fish or steak, vegetarians have lots of options too.

Jessica Johnson: “I am able to enjoy vegetarian options with my friends who aren’t vegetarian. So it’s really nice that I am able to feel like I fit in.”

Start out with pan fried dumplings — or a green salad with pistachios and crispy taro.

Then it’s on to the entree.

Thomas Connell: “We have a tofu clay pot with our own cooked tofu egg plant done with fermented bean sauce, so a lot of flavors and a lot of richness.”

Or go for vegetarian chicken. No clucking here! It’s soy.

Thomas Connell: “The vegetarian chicken is wok-fried and finished with bell peppers and snap peas.”

And of course since it’s Miami Spice, finish off your meal with a veggie friendly dessert.

Thomas Connell: “It’s just something we want to do to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to come in here and experience a great restaurant.”

The food on the vegetarian menu is so good — carnivores may eat it too.

Jesse Sheriff: “I love to eat meat but I did try the vegetarian options, which were amazing, and I found myself eating more of those then the meat.”

On top of the good food and good times, Miami Spice gives you a great price.

Thomas Connell: “The Miami Spice menu at Hakkasan is providing approximately 45 percent discount to the normal dining experience.”

Thanks to Hakkasan’s Miami Spice menus, both veggie lovers and meat lovers can fill up on delicious options.


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