Gordon Ramsay brings ‘The F Word’ to 7

Chef Gordon Ramsay was in Miami today, doing what he does best: dropping the F word. That also happens to be the name of his new show, “The F Word.” He gave us the lowdown on what we can expect.

Chef Gordon Ramsay: “So excited to be here in Miami.”

Chef Gordon Ramsay spent the day in Miami filming segments for his new FOX show, “The F Word.”

Chef Gordon Ramsay: “Welcome to ‘The F Word.’ How are we?”

But the “F” in “The F Word” isn’t what you’d expect.

Chef Gordon Ramsay: “Family. Food. Fun. That is the new meaning of ‘The F Word.'”

Chef Gordon Ramsay: “It’s a variety, high-octane, exciting 60 minutes of live cooking where families go head-to-head in one of the most beautiful restaurants anywhere in the world.”

The show is based on the popular U.K. show of the same name. Families battle it out in the kitchens of fancy restaurants to impress not just Chef Ramsay, but also the diners, celebrities and VIP guests inside the restaurant. And yep, it all happens live!

Chef Gordon Ramsay: “God knows what’s going to happen on the night, more importantly it is packed with adrenaline but talent as well.”

Gordon was in Little Havana for a cookoff with the chef at a local favorite.

Chef Gordon Ramsay: “The Stuffed Cuban has become a bit of a phenomenon around here. So George Alveras, the owner of that truck sadly lost his job two years ago at the age of 55. So instead of giving up, the guy raised $12,000 and got himself a food truck and started cooking some of mom’s authentic Cuban cuisine, so I’ve gone head-to-head with him today and it’s been a very fascinating insight.”

And you can catch the premiere of “The F Word” on May 31 at 9 p.m. right here on 7.

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