Garth Brooks shares successes, failures in new documentary

Garth Brooks has what most performers can only dream of. He’s sold nearly 200 million albums, and his sold-out world tours are legendary. Deco talked with the country music superstar about the new documentary that dives deep into his successes and failures.

Garth Brooks: “There’s nothing I enjoy more than throwing that guitar on, walking out onstage and playing music.”

If you think you know everything about Garth Brooks, think again.

“Garth Brooks: The Road I’m On,” it’s a a two-part documentary airing Monday and Tuesday night on A&E.

Brooks says it’ll give fans a new look at him — warts and all.

Garth Brooks: “Here’s the blessing and the curse of A&E. The blessing is they’re gonna get to the truth. The curse is they’re gonna get to the truth.”

Unlike his live shows and recording sessions, Garth knew the end result was out of his hands.

Garth Brooks: “So just be ready because you’re not gonna have any control over who they interview or whatever, and I said, ‘Let’s see what happens.'”

The documentary takes you back to his beginnings..

Garth Brooks: “Imagine the very middle of America. That’s Yukon, Oklahoma. This was the perfect place to grow up.”

Brooks became one of the biggest music stars of the 1990s.

He walked away from his massive success to get his life in order.

Garth Brooks: “Imagine you’re gonna get divorced, you’re gonna lose your mom. Try swallowing those at once. I had to say goodbye to music for a while, for a long while.”

Garth was off the road for more than a decade raising his three daughters, but music, he says, was always in his head.

Garth Brooks: “A songwriter is never not a songwriter. You are always writing.”

He hopes the documentary will give fans a clear look at the man, not the legend.

Garth Brooks: “But I hope what those people get out of this is they know me even better because the greatest compliment you can give an artist is to show up at a concert fully knowing who you’re coming to see — not who you think they are.”

One more thing. Garth obviously had a great time talking with Deco.

Garth Brooks: “Hahaha. Yes, sir, thank you.”

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