South Beach, home to some of the best clubs and restaurants in the world. Now it’s also home to our very own Eiffel Tower, all thanks to a new contemporary French restaurant that promises fresh food and a really good time.

What’s a grand opening in South Beach without Deco Drive?

David Krouham, owner, French 27: "It’s a unique concept that Miami doesn’t have, and it’s the best restaurant that you can find in South Beach."

That’s the owner of new SoBe restaurant French 27. Can you tell he loves his new baby?

David Krouham: "French 27 is a beautiful French contemporary restaurant. It’s a beautiful ambiance, great service."

All the beautiful people gathered on Friday night to celebrate another unique spot south of Fifth.

Genaro Dispa: "It’s something way different from whatever you’re expecting. We have a high-end, beautiful restaurant. We bring roses fresh every day. We’re spending $1,200 just in roses."

That’s $12,000 a month, a worthy idea for Valentine’s Day.

David Krouham: "We have a beautiful wine selection, we have a beautiful menu, the best quality food you can find in South Beach, and the atmosphere is unique."

The food is fresh, too.

Genaro Dispa: "We fly our seafood from different parts of the world. We don’t freeze anything. So we have salmon from the Atlantic, we have fish from the Mediterranean, we have big-eyed tuna from Hawaii. Everything is fresh. If it’s not sold in the day, we won’t serve it to our customers."

They’re also serving a touch of French debauchery.

David Krouham: "From Wednesday to Saturday, we’re gonna have burlesque night, with beautiful French girls playing burlesque."

As for Friday’s opening bash, it made an impression, Eiffel Tower included.

Bethany Martinez: "From the Eiffel Tower on the ceiling, to the hologram on the wall, unlimited Moët, you can’t beat that. That’s how you do it in Miami."


French 27
850 Commerce St.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 764-3948

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