Keep calm and rock on! Unless you are the Foo Fighters, and you’re being hunted down by an evil spirit. Then you might wanna run “foo” your life.

The band is switching stages and starring in their own horror comedy called “Studio 666,” and let’s just say there’s a reason foo rhymes with boo.

They’re one of the biggest rock bands of all time with tons of hits, millions of fans, and they were just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Dave Grohl: “It’s been 20, 25, 30 years, and we stick together like a family. We did it.”

But now, the Foo Fighters are headlining something they’ve never done before, a supernatural horror comedy film!

“Studio 666” finds the Foo’s struggling to record their 10th album. The band decides to move into a mansion in L.A. to get it done, but they don’t know it’s super haunted, and not by Casper the friendly ghost.

Turns out, the guys are better actors than you think, because…

Dave Grohl: “When we were doing interviews telling everyone we made a record in a haunted house, we were lying because we were trying to set up this movie.”

But frontman Dave Grohl tells Deco the house actually does have a cool Foo Fighters connection in real life.

Dave Grohl: “I actually lived in that house like, 10 years ago. I rented it while I was remodeling my place, which is right down the street, and when I lived there, I didn’t think it was spooky at all.”

Don’t get too excited to visit though.

Taylor Hawkins: “Are they gonna tear down that house?”

Dave Grohl: “They tore it down.”

Taylor Hawkins: “They tore it down?”

Nate Mendel: “It’s gone?”

Dave Grohl: “It’s gone.”

Nate Mendel: “Oh, I didn’t know that.”

Dave Grohl: “I didn’t either until I went over there, and I’m like, what happened to the house? It’s gone.”

Total bummer right?

Taylor Hawkins: “Now they’re gonna have a huge movie, and people are gonna wanna go see where it was made.”

Dave Grohl: “It’s like, the end of ‘Carrie.’ Remember the house like, burns up and disappears?”

Taylor Hawkins: “Maybe we should have said that we burned the house down, too.”

Dave is the one who came up with the idea for ‘Studio 666,’ and he’s the one going after his bandmates in the movie, but he swears it wasn’t personal, right?

Dave Grohl: “Maybe a little tiny bit.”

Taylor Hawkins: “But if I do get decapitated by a cymbal, we know who did it. If it ever happens.”

“Studio 666” hits theaters tomorrow. Bring a lucky penny, or a rabbit’s foot, maybe a horseshoe. You know, just in case.

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