When it comes to Lynn’s favorite things to eat, comfort food is the way to go. Shireen too, give her a burger and fries any day. Speaking of hunks of beef, Deco’s Alex Miranda has a meal so big, you might have a cow. Do you have a big meal, Alex?

My favorite F-words words are food, friends and fun, and there is a spot in Wynwood that is combining all three of these things.

All you need to bring is your appetite.

Size matters at the Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill in Wynwood.

Their massive burger will make all other burgers jealous!

Nicole Reyes, The Butcher Shop Garden & Grill: “The Deluxe Fat Freddie Burger is an experience we offer here at the Butcher Shop.”

You don’t need to ask where’s the beef, you can’t miss it!

A 5-pound beef patty is topped with cheese, brisket and even fried mac ‘n’ cheese.

Nicole Reyes: “The mac ‘n’ cheese bombs explode in your mouth, and you get to that smoked brisket flavor. You can’t beat this type of product.”

Don’t forget the lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and their secret sauce.

Giselle Santiago, customer: “It tastes like heaven. It’s like so many tastes I didn’t expect.”

Hope you want fries with that.

Nicole Reyes: “This burger comes with truffle golden flake fries as well as a 3-liter tower of beer.”

The Fat Freddie feeds six to 10 people, and the Butcher Shop’s beer garden is the perfect place for some socially distanced sharing.

Nicole Reyes: “This burger comes served on a platter. We bring it out with sparklers. We cut it at the table and serve with your side of fries as well as pour your beer.”

For Giselle and her pals, this huge hamburger hits the spot.

Giselle Santiago: “It’s a great dish to share amongst friends. Everyone is going to be happy because it’s delicious, and it’s enough for everyone, more than enough.”

The Deluxe Fat Freddie is $200 of Grade-A goodness.

Nicole Reyes: “You can come in and order this on the spot as a regular burger. It takes up to 30 minutes to produce, and we bring the show to your table.”

If you are counting your calories, you can get the Fat Freddie without the fries and beer, and if you need a friend to help you eat it, give me a call.


The Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill
165 NW 23rd St.
Miami, FL 33127

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