ETARU restaurant features carless drive-in with movie night on the beach

Who wants to go to the movies on a beautiful South Florida night? You do! Because now, you can have the best of both worlds. A restaurant in the 954 is offering up your favorite films on the beach with great food and drinks to boot.

Summer nights are celebrated with movies you love at ETARU Japanese Grill and Bar on Hallandale Beach.

Nigel Marumahoko, manager: “Every second Wednesday of the month, we have a fabulous movie night that we show down in our beach bar area.”

The idea is to get film fans some fresh air while giving them what they love.

Nigel Marumahoko: “I think people at the moment are looking for experiences, something to do other than sit at home watch Netflix and chill. They’re able to watch movies under the stars and enjoy themselves doing something else.”

The movie doesn’t start ’til sundown, but you can hang at the bar or a table upstairs until it’s show time.

Don’t fill up, though. There are plenty of goodies waiting for you.

It’s all part of a sweet deal.

Nigel Marumahoko: “Thirty dollars per person for adults, you get a lovely sushi box. So they have a salmon maki and an avocado maki roll.”

Your sushi is kept fresh in a cooler placed alongside your ultra-comfortable lounge chair.

A glass of bubbly and a serving of chilled rosé speeds up the relaxation process.

The popcorn is free, which is good news if it’s family movie night.

Nigel Marumahoko: “Kids are $15. Kids 12 and under free. Kids get maki.”

What’s put up on the inflatable screen is up to you.

Nigel Marumahoko: “The movies are chosen by the public, so we choose the movie two weeks before. Everyone gets to vote and have a say in what movie we get to choose.”

There are no outside influences in this election.

Nigel Marumahoko: “We put the movie on our social media, on our Instagram and our Facebook. Votes come in and you can choose what movie you’d like to watch.”

Movie night moves to another night if the weather isn’t cooperating.

Nigel Marumahoko: “We just postpone the movie night. We can move it to another Wednesday, move it to Thursday or Saturday.”

Snuggling up on the sand with a fine flick and a special friend can’t be beat.

Nigel Marumahoko: “It’s a drive-in without the cars. A drive-in at the beach.”

Monica, customer: “I think it’s beautiful. I think it’s a really nice date idea and the weather’s getting really nice, so it’s amazing.”

The next screening is this Wednesday featuring “Hocus Pocus.”


ETARU Japanese Grill & Bar
111 S Surf Rd.
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
(954) 271-3222

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