‘Empire’ star Serayah McNeill gives insight into series’ ‘most shocking episode yet’

There’s never a dull moment on “Empire,” but tonight’s episode should really be a wild ride. Violence, drama, poker and tweeting. We’re talking with the stars ahead of the new episode.

“Empire” is promising us the most shocking episode yet. That’s a pretty high bar!

Serayah McNeill: “Right. When there’s drama all the time.”

Serayah McNeill, who plays the long-suffering Tiana, hung with Deco and gave us a little insight into tonight’s show!

Serayah McNeill: “Hakeem’s gonna be in the studio. He’s dealing with all of his health issues and issues from the shooting.”

Serayah McNeill (as Tiana Brown): “Hakeem! He’s got a gun!”

Hakeem’s not over it, but Tiana sure is!

Serayah McNeill: “And Tiana is not excited for that. She just wants him to grow up and get over it.”

Hakeem may be hitting the studio, but Bryshere and Serayah have been hitting the gym! She posted this ablicious pic to the Gram. Nice work, guys!

Serayah McNeill: “Thank you.”

Taraji Henson (as Cookie Lyon): “If we don’t get any more cash flowing through this brand new company, we lose everything.”

As for the rest of the Lyons, they’re hustlin’ all over the place.

Serayah McNeill: “So this week Lucious and Cookie will be going head-to-head trying to find new talent for their new talent management company, LFM.”

Cookie goes lookin’ for talent, while Lucious looks for quick cash at a high-stakes poker game.

Terrence Howard (as Lucious Lyon): “I need to get me a seat at that poker game.”

Andre Royo (as Thirsty Rawlings): “That game got a half-million dollar buy in.”

And it’s a safe bet something will go wrong.

As for Cookie, AKA Taraji, she’ll be watching and live tweeting.

Taraji Henson: “It’s usually a time just to converse with the fans. You know, usually I’ll retweet some funny things that they say. Our fans look forward to it. The only time I don’t live tweet is when I have to work. Obviously, I can’t see the TV.”

And rest assured that after five seasons of tweets, Taraji isn’t going to slip up and post any spoilers.

Taraji Henson: “C’mon, I’m smart enough to know not to give away anything.”

The soapy drama begins at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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