El Paseo Hotel gives you Snapchat-powered sunglasses

(WSVN) - Vacation pics have never been easier, or more stylish. Now one hotel is helping guests up their social media game. Deco’s Chris Van Vliet is here with more. Chris, how’s your MySpace page?

Nothing is worse than those people walking around like this. Well, a hotel on South Beach is giving you the chance to enjoy your stay, capture the memories and look good doing it.

The El Paseo Hotel on Miami Beach is in the heart of it all … right on Espanola Way.

Israel Blanco: “We’re a 71 unit hotel. We have anywhere from a standard room, to a two-bed suite and also a royal suite.”

Now the hotel wants you to capture and remember every moment — so they’re giving guests a special way to share.

Israel Blanco: “The spectacles are glasses that have a camera on them, so they can transmit what they’re doing on vacation to their friends and families.”

“Spectacles” are high tech sunglasses that let you share on the go. See those little yellow circles? Those are cameras — what you see, everybody sees!

The glasses are linked up to Snapchat, and you can share pictures and video at the press of a button.

Israel Blanco: “Then you just have to put them on, and just walk the streets.”

Snapchat started selling spectacles at pop-up shops around the country for $130, but you can jump on the craze for free. Guests are given a loaner pair during their stay.

Israel Blanco: “We think it’s a fun idea and it also promotes South Beach and also the hotel as well.”

After reserving a pair from the hotel online, guests get their shades at check in. What you shoot is up to you!

Guest: “We record everything. It’s so nice so we can show people Miami, like by our own eyes. It’s so amazing.”

Guest: “You don’t have to go around with your phone now, you have your sunglasses. It’s right there, good point of view.”

Sharing a romantic moment can be fun,

Just make sure the glasses are off when you go back to your room.

So how much snapping can you do? The spectacles battery can power around 100, 10-second snaps.

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