Ear tattoos at Oxygen Ink on South Beach

Friends, Floridians, Deco fans — lend me your ears. There’s a trend that stars are sporting and now, you can too. Time to get to the point on tonight’s Style Files.

Now “ear” this — a new tattoo trend is leaving its mark in the world of body art.

X: “Right now, ear tattoos are very popular, kind of like in this area. The helix area, the back of the ear, the lobe, anywhere we can fit a design, they are getting it.”

From Rihanna to Cara Delevingne — celebs love ear tattoos.

And, thanks to shops like Oxygen Ink on South Beach, you can tat your ear too.

X: “You can kind of compare it to fashion jewelry. It’s an addition to what you are already wearing. If you have a lot of tattoos and want to add on to something, that’s always going to be seen. The ear tattoo is the perfect place.”

Bobbi Jo Pacheco: “For females, a lot of women put their hair up, they do up dos. It’s like a new earring.”

Getting a tattoo in or around the ear is like getting inked anywhere else — but size matters.

X: “We have to size it appropriately to the ear lobe for one. And then, we kind of want to go with the shape, so we may want to get a little stencil… and then we want to freehand the rest.”

And just remember — keep it simple.

X: “I think the main rule is not to do too much and overdo as far as details.”

Artists need to have steady hands and all the right tools.

X: “We have to use a fine needle, the smallest needle we have, to work in this area. And we have to be delicate too because we are working in a tight space.”

Bobbi Jo Pacheco: “To be honest, I have a lot of tattoos and I think that is the least painful of the areas. It’s a, like a tickle vibrating kind of feeling.”

From words, to animals to designs that coordinate with other tattoos — if it fits, they can do it.

X: “There is a solid black line and people are getting it on the arm or leg. And now, they are doing it on the lobe as well.”

It only takes about 20 minutes to glitz up your lobe with an ear tattoo… and it will last a lifetime.


Oxygen Ink
1521 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 397-8151

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