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I make the same two New Year’s resolutions every year; wear an amazing dress/outfit to ring in the new year and get in shape! Not at the same time, mind you…there’s always next year, though. ??

The outfit thing is my way of ushering in the next 12 months with fashionable and fabulous clothing karma. Since I have a pretty decent reputation when it comes to the wardrobe thing (a fashion blog will do that to you,) that particular resolution kind of takes care of itself. The fitness thing? Well…

I’ve continuously and miserably failed at that one! Matter-of-fact, I’m currently in the worse shape of my life. That whole getting sick and almost dying thing (GBS) really threw a wrench in my fitness plans and then there’s the knee surgery I had a few months ago. Yeah, a torn meniscus. That sucked. Don’t get me wrong, physical therapy helped my knee. My rear end ? Eh, not so much.

I guess one out of two resolutions isn’t bad. Or is it? I decided to ask my colleagues at WSVN/DECO DRIVE about their resolutions. More specifically, do they make them and if so, do they actually keep them? I promised to keep everyone’s identity secret (so they’d be more forthcoming) and then I divided the answers into two categories: guys and girls, but honestly, it should have been more like, young and old.

At the top of the list for both sexes: losing weight and getting in shape. That relieved my guilt a little, but it was the older or shall I say, more seasoned people in life who really caught my attention with their responses. "There’s no time like the present," one of my senior co-workers mused, another one said: "Why set myself up to fail, life is hard enough." I heard those same two answers quite a bit (in different variations,) from co-workers older than me. Note to self, carpe diem and guilt is a useless emotion.

There were others ones, too like: learn a new language, get out of debt, do more charity work, be a better person, get on with my family better, get a new job and start driving for Uber. Ha ha! Gotta love journalists. By the way, those answers were from younger people. At the end of the day (no matter the age,) I took away one message…we’re all striving for some sort of SELF ACCEPTANCE.  

Whether it’s taking things at face value (without a resolution) or tweaking the things in life that’ll make us happier (with a resolution,) it’s all about saying: "I’m good enough" or "I’m working on being good enough" and for me, that’s a beautiful thing.  I love that the new year brings endless possibilities; wiping the slate clean with a new beginning or in some cases, picking up where you left off or just doing the things you’ve always wanted to do…

With that being said, "Dress to Impress" is about re-evaluating and reinventing my resolutions. I’m looking forward to changing up my personal goals (realistically). While I love looking pretty, as of late I’ve wanted to feel and look sexier. Perhaps, it’s because I’m getting older (and youth is fleeting) or maybe it’s because I’m finally getting over being sick for so long.

Whatever the reason, "Hot Miami Styles" has provided me with an awakening of sorts. I love their sexy, unapologetic clothing and their "I’m a woman here me roar" kind of style. Wearing one of their gorgeous dresses to ring in the New Year is the perfect way to start my 2016.

Another thing I want more of? THE FLORIDA KEYS. I guess at heart, I’m just a small town girl. When I head south, my troubles and nervousness disappears and everything just slows down a little. So, why not combine the two? With a car full of gorgeous gowns from HMS, I headed to Islamorada last weekend. Destination? Amara Cay Resort.

The fairly new seaside retreat is (for the most part,) an undiscovered South Florida jewel; chic, modern, glamorous and accessible to the working professional. Along with a private beach, charmingly sleek rooms and a great restuarant (Oltremare, which I’m featuring this week on Spotlight,) it’s the great escape I’ve been looking for or at least another reason to keep my newest resolutions…

"Dress to Impress" in HMS and spending more time in the Florida Keys are two promises I’m pretty sure I can keep. Not only that, I’m actually looking forward to it! Whatever you have planned for the New Year, I hope it greets you with health, happiness and a big dose of self acceptance. Happy 2016!

For the latest and greatest in New Year’s Eve fashions, you can shop "Hot Miami Styles" on-line www.hotmiamistyles.com or follow them on FB, Twitter or IG @hotmiamistyles.  

shot on location at www.amaracayresort.com in Islamorada, The Florida Keys.
FB, Twitter, IG: @amaracayresort or reservations@amaracayresort.com

"Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." – Carl Bard

Photographer: James Woodley
Styling: Jackie Kay
Hair, MUA: Odett Hernandez
(clothing & shoes provided by Hot Miami Styles)

(A big thank you to everyone who has participated in ‘Favorite Things’ this year. I have so many fabulous fashionable memories and I couldn’t have done it without you!)

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