You might remember drinking Dogfish Head beer. Actually, you might not remember because their brews can pack a real, real punch.

Good thing they’re opening their first South Florida location this spring, where we can all help forget the past year!

Deco has the exclusive first look in Wynwood.

Just picture it…

Sam: “Not only will you be having great off-centered beers…”

At Dogfish Head’s first-ever South Florida location, still under construction, you can also…

Sam Calagione: “Order small plates of food designed to go specifically with our beers.”

…Incorporating local fruits and vegetables, in an indoor brew-pub, or outdoor patio and lounge. All still under construction, of course.

Sam Calagione: “…while you’re staring at beautiful locally made murals.”

Artist Jorge Rodriguez is already painting the entrance of the upcoming Wynwood brewery. And since opening day is set for later this spring…

Deco is getting an exclusive first look — and artistic touch.

Dogfish prides itself on its culinary ingredients, but you might know them for something else, too.

Sam Calagione: “We’re also fearless to go well beyond the normal 5% ABV beer. You brew the world’s strongest IPA.”

Although Sam insists it’s not just about the buzz.

Sam Calagione: “Alcohol is one of the creative levers we can pull, in addition to ingredients, coming up with our own inventions.”

Yeah, like this giant contraption…

Sam Calagione: “…a first-ever full-scale-designed machine that we’re calling the seaquenching engine.”

It allows them to brew enough fruited-sours for all of us in SoFlo! Like, their brand-new Star Pucker IPA!

Paul Frederickson: “…with a little bit of soured wart to give it a little bit of tartness. And then we’re adding the South Florida starfruit.”

The starfruit pure we’re making right here will literally be in the Star Pucker you drink on opening day!

Alex Miranda: “Agh!!! Oh, come on!!!”

So, it would help if these 40-pound jugs cooperate!

Alex Miranda: “Ah! Ah! There we go!”

Well, that’s a whole lot of starfruit!

Alex: “Ugh. That was exhausting.”

But, anything for a ice-cold brewski, right?

Alex: “They can make up to 3,200 cans of beer a day here at Dogfish Head Miami, but you gotta start somewhere. Delicious!”

They don’t have a hard opening date just yet. Sam, the founder, told me they’re planning for later this spring.

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