Deco sits down with cast of Netflix’s ‘Mudbound’

“Mudbound” could be the first feature film to pick up an Oscar nomination for Netflix. It’s got a loaded ensemble cast and some early buzz. The historical drama is now available to stream. Deco “Netflix and chilled” with the cast in Los Angeles.

Netflix’s “Mudbound” takes us to rural Mississippi in the 20th century, focusing on two families dealing with World War II and racial segregation in the south.

The story is told from the perspective of different members of the families.

Carey Mulligan (as Laura McAllan): “You don’t need to go, Jamie.”

Garrett Hedlund (as Jamie McAllan): “I can’t stay here.”

One of them is played by Garrett Hedlund, who’s such a nice guy. During press day in L.A., he skipped his lunch break to make things go quicker for us media folks.

Garrett Hedlund: “If I go to lunch, then you gotta sit around, pretending that you’re … then I come through the hallway and everyone’s sleeping or dozing off.”

So considerate.

Garrett says with a film like this, get ready to be schooled.

Garrett Hedlund: “I think it’s sort of the mindset of going into a history lesson. I think a lot of people are going to learn from it.”

Carey Mulligan also stars, as does a pretty unrecognizable Mary J. Blige. They both play mothers.

Mary was drawn to the project because her character, Florence, was so appealing to her.

Mary J. Blige: “Reading the script, I was completely blown away at Florence. Because Florence was my aunt, my grandmother, all these women that I can relate to.”

Watching “Mudbound” is meant to be an emotional experience.

Mary tried telling Deco which part of shooting was most taxing on her, but she got into definite spoiler territory.

Mary J. Blige: “I think that barn scene, when [bleep]. That was very, very taxing.”

Carey’s answer is much more spoiler-friendly.

Carey Mulligan: “Physically, I was always carrying those children around. It was really hard! They were sort of like lumps, you know, sacks of coal.”

Parenting — difficult in real life, and in movies.

Carey Mulligan (as Laura McAllan): “When I think of the farm, I think of mud. I dreamed in brown.”

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