Christmas is coming up fast, and we’ve got some advice for Santa Claus: you should make a little extra time when you hit Fort Lauderdale. There’s a pop-up place dedicated to you and your helpers that you’re definitely gonna want to check out. 

Ho-ho-holy moly!

Christmas gets funky inside Sistrunk Marketplace at the Shady Santa and Naughty Elves pop-up.

Steven DaPuzzo, Sistrunk Marketplace: “Where Santa comes, unwinds, gets a little shady, hangs out with the naughty elves, has a cocktail or two, and works his way through the season.”

The season is the reason for this pop-up.

Steven DaPuzzo: “This is our annual holiday pop-up, because we love the holiday season and the get-togethers with all those around us.”

It’s no accident the place is called Shady.

Steven DaPuzzo: “Santa comes here and gets shady, gets some shady cocktails from vodka and rum made right here at Sistrunk.”

One of those tasty treats is the Shady Crush: homemade vodka, triple sec and Sprite over a glass full of ice, topped with a slice of orange.

We’re not done yet.

Steven DaPuzzo: “Our second drink is the Coco Claus, made with our 12-mile cinnarum.”  

Crack an egg, pour in the rum and some coconut flavoring, shake it up, pour it out and top it with cinnamon.

The Coco Claus is their take on a Florida favorite.

Steven DaPuzzo: “A dairy-free version of a cojito.”

There’s plenty of festive food to tame your holiday appetite. Dig into a basket of truffle chips, or tackle a slice of bee-stung pizza with honey-drenched pepperoni.

Santa’s gonna love that one.

Steven DaPuzzo: “Warm him up a little bit, give him a little zing in his step.”

The DJ who sets up shop in the gingerbread house will make sure there’s plenty of zing in your step.

We recommend you pop in to the Shady Santa and Naughty Elves pop-up to kick up Christmas time a notch or two.

Ricky Ballester: “It’s decorated really well. It has a great vibe. I’m really enjoying all the decorations. It makes me feel like I’m in a little winter wonderland.”

Shady Santa and Naughty Elves pop-up
Sistrunk Marketplace
115 NW 6th St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

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