It’s time to brush up on your survival skills, because doomsday has arrived. Well, at least in Apple TV Plus’ new post-apocalyptic drama “Finch.” Tom Hanks is a man on a solo mission, and that mission is telling Deco all about his new movie.

Tom Hanks (as Finch): “It all happened so fast.”

It’s the end of the world as we know it in Apple TV+’s new movie, “Finch.”

Tom Hanks (as Finch): “Goodbye crops and food. Goodbye everything.”

Tom Hanks might just be the last man on earth after a massive solar flare turns civilization into a wasteland.

Tom Hanks: “Hey, everybody! Nice to be here.”

But don’t worry. He’s not totally alone.

Tom Hanks (as Finch): “Well, what should we have? Get your elbows off the table.”

Tom plays Finch, a robotics engineer who builds a robot to look after his beloved pup Goodyear when he no longer can.

It’s a story that touched Tom so much, he told Deco he was willing to wait more than a year to start filming it.

Tom Hanks (as Finch): “I’d never seen that before, so, in the familiar realm of a science fiction movie, there was this beautiful, simple-to-understand story about a guy who loves this dog, and you know, that kinda makes me cry sometimes.”

I know what you’re thinking. “Nooooo! There’s a dog in an apocalypse movie,” but director Miguel Sapochnik says there’s no need to panic.

Miguel Sapochnik: “I think the dog ends up representing hope, and so to kill hope seems like a terrible idea. And that’s what we wanted to, is kinda keep hope alive.”

Finch is the only human we see in the movie, but Jeff the robot is quickly learning to follow in his maker’s footsteps.

Caleb Landry Jones (as Jeff, voice): “One, two, one, two.”

Tom Hanks: “In Jeff, much like in a long line of children and grandchildren, there was going to be a continuity of Finch himself: what he thought was important, what he learned, what his creed was.”

Tom also tells Deco that trust is a super important part of the movie.

Tom Hanks: “There is an element of Jeff learning to trust Finch that is also emblematic of a dog learning to trust Jeff. That is a gossamer thing that has to be earned, it has to be learned.”

We know Tom’s no stranger to survival movies.

Tom Hanks (as Jim Lovell): “Houston, we have a problem.”

Tom Hanks (as Chuck Noland): “Wilson, I’m sorry!”

But if he was out here trying to survive the end of the world, there’s one thing he’d wanna scavenge.

Tom Hanks: “I’d like to find a water filter.”

OK, maybe more than one thing.

Tom Hanks: “I would love to find a treasure trove of books that I had never read. If I was in that circumstance, I’d be looking for something to take me out of that circumstance.”

Caleb Landry Jones (as Jeff, voice): “I believe in you, Finch.”

“Finch” is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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