Here at Deco, we love to brag on local talent. A multi-faceted musician is dropping a new single this weekend. Once you hear it, it’ll creep into your bloodstream.

“Bloodstream” is the new single from PXTN. The SoFlo-based artist says it’s a love letter about the art of making music.

PXTN: “That gift and that thing never leaves, and I can’t resist it, so it’s in my bloodstream, it’s in my DNA, and it’s who I am, so this song is a celebration.”

His songs are listener-friendly, with a few surprises thrown in.

PXTN: “The pop is always the core, but I love to play with different sounds.”

His writing process is pretty simple: if it feels good, it is good.

PXTN: “If I’m working off of just, you know, the bass or whatever is going on, I tend to follow that, and that tells me what to do. If it doesn’t have the groove, it doesn’t really have heart.”

Like any true artist, he’s taken styles that he loves and made them his own.

PXTN: “It’s reminiscent of the ’80s, but it has like this future thing to it that makes it sound refreshing and fun, but something that is very familiar.”

The 26-year old is influenced by two legends who defined the ’80s and beyond.

You’ll probably recognize their names.

PXTN: “Michael Jackson is the biggest one. He is, you know, for any artist, I believe is the inspiration, the artist to look up to. Other artists, such as Prince, who doesn’t love him?”

PXTN is a man of many talents.

He also knows his way around the dance floor.

PXTN: “‘Bloodstream’ was happening after I took a break from music to do some choreography. I’ve choreographed for different artists. I was a dancer before I began singing, and that was something that kind of fed me as well.”

It’s cool to be influenced by your fellow musicians. It’s even cooler to be inspired by your hometown.

PXTN: “Miami has this beautiful essence of celebration through the thick, through the ugh, and so, I tend to carry that positivity in me, and I really want to put that into the music all the time.”

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