Has the work week got you down? You’ve probably caught up on enough emails to last a lifetime. Well, if you’re looking to forget about life for a while, you can always watch a movie.

This weekend, you can get your pick of the litter; you can feel suspense, laughter or sadness. Check out this week’s Showtime.

Gerard Butler (as Brodie Torrance): “This is your captain speaking. The seat belt signs have been turned on.”

Big deal, you didn’t get peanuts.

In “Plane,” Gerard Butler is a pilot who lands a plane damaged by lightning, only to have his passengers taken hostage on the ground. Bummer.

Now he has to rely on an unlikely companion to get them all back: a criminal being moved by the FBI.

Mariana Treviño (as Marisol): “OK: back, back, back, back, back.”

Tom Hanks (as Otto Anderson): “What is he doing?”

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (as Tommy): “Parallel parking.”

Tom Hanks (as Otto Anderson): “Parallel to what?”

In “A Man Called Otto,” Tom Hanks plays a grumpy widower who’s all but checked out of his life.

But he strikes up an unlikely friendship with the mother of a young family that moves in next door, and suddenly, his life will not seem so grey. Come on, it’s Tom Hanks! Get out the issues

Rob Lowe (as John Marshall): “The dog’s just sitting here whining.”

Johnny Berchtold (as Fielding Marshall): “He wants to play fetch.”

Rob Lowe (as John Marshall): “All right, go get it.”

Johnny Berchtold (as Fielding Marshall): “He needs to choose the stick.”

Rob Lowe (as John Marshall): “He needs to choose it?”

There’s no greater love than the one between a boy and his pup, and in Netflix’s “Dog Gone,” that love runs deep.

But when that dog goes missing, it’s a race against time to find him.

“Character in “The Drop”: “Can you just grab her for just one second?”

Character in “The Drop”: “Oh, my God!”

Have you ever held a baby and wondered, “What if I drop it?” Well, that’s what happens in Hulu’s “The Drop.”

A fun island vacation goes south when a woman innocently drops her friend’s baby … and no one’s going let go of that.

Tosin Cole (as Damon): “Oh, my God. We in LeBron’s house.”

Jacob Latimore (as Kevin): “LeBron who?”

Tosin Cole (as Damon): “James!”

In “House Party,” a pair of down-on-their-luck club promoters get work as house cleaners.

But when they realize they’re cleaning LeBron James’ mega-mansion, they get to work, throwing the party of the century at King James’ castle.

Jacob Latimore (as Kevin): “Have you seen how out of control this party is?”

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