Season 5 of Siesta Key is back on MTV, and there are some really big changes happening. Huge! Like fans might notice they’re not actually in Siesta Key, Florida anymore.

And where are they, you ask? Well, they’re in the Magic City, so prepare for some growing pains.

Chloe Trautman: “Go home! Get your [expletive]…”

Amanda Miller: “I’ll be out.”

Chloe Trautman: “And move the [expletive] out tonight!”

“Siesta Key” is a reality show that follows a group of young people in their 20s trying to make it in the real world.

But last season ended with some of them deciding to leave their small town near Sarasota for the 305.

Juliette Porter: “We wanted to take our dreams out of Siesta Key and chase them in Miami.”

Amanda Miller: “It is very different from any other season we’ve ever filmed. Obviously, we left our small town of Siesta Key and moved into the big city of Miami, so there were a lot of new challenges, and there was a lot of fun as well. It’s different than Siesta Key, for sure.”

Now they’re trading Florida’s west coast for Florida’s best coast … and moving into our part of the Funshine State.

Juliette Porter: “My business has never been hotter.”

Amanda Miller: “But it’s really our transition into adulthood, with more responsibilities, starting businesses and families, while also trying to just enjoy the summer together.”

But adjustments mean growing pains … and tensions will rise.

Maddison Hausburg: “There’s always tension in this group, so it’s not something we’re new to, but it is a lot more heightened, I’d say, because of the move to Miami.”

And relationships will be tested.

Juliette Porter: “She’s trying to hurt my relationship.”

Meghan Bischoff: “Her boyfriend is trying to [expletive] me and I’m not [expletive] him.”

Juliette Porter: “You keep bouncing from guy to guy, from house to house.”

Jordana Barnes: “I didn’t ask for these feelings.”

Sam Logan: “I honestly can’t say how much you mean to me.”

Meghan Bischoff: “Jordana needs to leave if I’m gonna stay.”

Maddison Hausburg: “I would say a lot of the season is revolved around the relationships and the friendships, and you guys get to see some relationships get stronger and some fall apart.”

So fans can expect some fights, but also growth.

Amanda Miller: “I feel like this chapter is something a lot of people can relate to, trying to figure out, going from your early 20s, to your mid-20s, and some of us are a little bit older than that, so just trying to really figure out who you want to be and that it’s not always black and white.”

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