Gerard Butler is a pilot on a cursed flight in the new action called thriller Plane. So cursed. Passengers don’t even get peanuts or free headphones, the just get taken hostage. That’s a bad deal for a flight. Now I don’t know how to deal with dangerous rebels after they land on a war-torn island but after visiting the Pan Am Academy, I am convinced that I can land a boeing 747 under the most severe circumstances. You know, the paper kind ones.

Survive together or die alone

Those are your options in Plane. Gerard Butler stars as pilot Brodie Torrance, who has to make a risky, weather related landing on a war-torn island.

An in white knuckle moments like that, Luis Cordero is the perfect co-pilot.

Luis Cordero: “You have to have it in your bloodstream.”

As a flight instructor at Pan Am International Flight Academy in Miami, he literally teaches pilots how to save the day.

Luis Cordero: “We push them to the limit.”

Alex Miranda: “Like on this commercial flight simulator.”

Luis Cordero: “It’s a stressful thing.”

Alex Miranda: “Captain Miranda speaking. This is Deco drive flight 305.”

Luis Cordero: “But it is enjoyable.”

Alex Miranda: “Is that alligator alley?

Luis Cordero: “You see Key Biscayne over there, on the right side?”

Luis Cordero: “And when the pilots get in there, the same instructors are asking questions constantly.”

Luis Cordero: “What are you doing? were going to crash. Airplanes going down.”

Alex Miranda: “Luis I am trying to put this on my instagram story.”

Sometimes a new destination ain’t such a bad thing.

In the action-thriller, Gerard’s flight gets hit by lightning, which doesn’t only happen in the movies.

Luis Cordero: “You could lose your navigation equipment. You could lose your communication equipment. And that’s it. Now you’re right at the edge.”

Alex Miranda: “And it all relies on you. Where does a pilot have to be mentally?”

Short answer: In a lot of places.

Luis Cordero: “What are you going to do. Where are you going to land? It’s your life on the line, plus the 200 people in the back. Now they’re stressed.”

Alex Miranda: “Yeah, more than normal.”

In their cabin trainer, pros learn with smoke and even fake fire.

Don’t forget your next crew member aren’t just playing the part of brave.

Luis: “The things is to put safely the plane on the ground, if you get to that point, guess what you’re a hero.​”

Plane flies into theaters tomorrow.

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