There’s a new restaurant in town putting a healthy twist on Chinese food, and just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean lack of flavor. Alex Miranda is here with the appetizing details.

Some days we all feel like a panda, right? Adorable, cuddle monster and craving bamboo. Wait, just maybe not that last part. Well, a new Chinese eatery is plant-based just like a panda — but with a more sophisticated palate.

You know “Kung Fu Panda.” Well, this is Rogue Panda!

This isn’t your traditional Chinese food spot.

Joshua Cameron: “Rogue Panda is a brand-new concept here at Time Out Market in Miami Beach. We specialize in vegan Chinese food.”

Hold up, did he just say vegan Chinese food?

Joshua Cameron: “The future of sustainability is plant-based. We really kind of focus on the vegetables and make it absolutely delicious, but without all the meat.”

That means using things like Impossible meat, as well as egg-free noodles and dumpling wrappers.

Joshua Cameron: “Everything we use is just as delicious. You wouldn’t miss it, but it’s better for the planet.”

There’s only seven items on the menu, but each one packs a punch.

Joshua Cameron: “We have all the spices from Szechuan, we have all the peppers from Hunan. There’s just so much flavor to draw from in Chinese cuisine.”

Wanna spice up your life? Go for the mapo tofu.

Joshua Cameron: “We use silken tofu, so it’s this very soft, custardy almost, tofu, kind of like melts in your mouth. It’s got a good kick to it, and we also serve it with a side of rice. So you have, you know, all the different textures happening.”

Another customer fave is the dan dan noodles with the Impossible pork ragu.

Joshua Cameron: “We use a thicker, Japanese style udon noodle, so it has a lot of chew, very slurpy and just delicious.”

Estefania Santana: “I think the noodles are the perfect dish for a meat eater to come and try. They’re chewy, they’re meaty, they’re slightly spicy, and they’re just delightful.”

And don’t sleep on the potato and Impossible pork slippery dumplings, either.

Joshua Cameron: “We do a spicy sauce on the bottom and then a chili oil on top.”

Estefania Santana: “I love the feel of them being so meaty without really having any meat, and I also love the sauce underneath it. It has a really unique taste. I’m fully plant-based. I’m so excited that they’re here.”

Rogue Panda is now open at Time Out Market, so you can chow down on that yummy plant-based food seven days a week.


Time Out Market Miami
1601 Drexel Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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