The Clevelander is one of the most famous hotels on South Beach, and sure, tourists certainly love it, too. But one restaurateur wants to bring locals back with a new sports bar concept only true Miamians can appreciate. Deco’s Alex Miranda, who appreciates a cold beer at any bar, has the deets.

Ray Finkle? Where am I?

Jim Carrey (as Ace Ventura): “I’m in Psychoville and Finkle’s the mayor. Where’s Dan Marino?”

Relax, Ventura. He’s right here — inside Kush at Clevelander, a new sports bar and restaurant at the iconic Ocean Drive hotel!

Bruce Siegel: “Whoever comes to South Florida, no matter where, you know, you have to stop at Clevelander.”

But sorry, tourists. This FIU grad wants to take SoBe back.

Matt Kuscher: “This is a Miami-themed sports bar, and if you’re not from Miami, you’re probably not going to get it.”

Matt Kuscher is the brains behind some of the most buzzed-about and award-wining burger, etcetera, joints in Miami, Hialeah and now South Beach.

Alexander: “The vibes are there, and the food is always on point.”

Like this bang bang shrimp.

Alexander: “I love seafood, and it hit it out of the park for me today.”

And, is anybody else craving their exclusive Kaptain Kush, brewed by Tank in Doral?

Matt Kuscher: “So, right now, because it’s so early, you’re probably the only person in the world drinking that beer.”

Uh, thanks for calling me out, Matt.

Matt Kuscher: “And then we also have our version of like an Aperol spritz called ‘I Still Call It Joe Robbie.'”

And look at that quote “Cocaine Cowboys” director Billy Corben made famous.

Matt Kuscher: “‘Miami is a sunny place for shady people.'”

But why would he say that?

Alex Miranda: “Yeah, we’ll be parking soon. See you! Two more, please!”

And bro, it’s like super Miami in here, literally.

Matt Kuscher: “Miami has its own language, and most cities don’t have it, and I feel like a translator of that language to the rest of the world.”

Through food…

Alexander: “The Kush Cubano, with the french fries, the pulled pork. I’m so excited to dig in right now.”

Alex Miranda: “Yeah, but you already had some food, right? You’re not that hungry.”

Alexander: “No, I’m really hungry.”

Alex Miranda: “OK, well, I’m hungry, so bye.”

But also art.

Matt Kuscher: “I’ve got Kimbo Slice. The Don Shula Expressway over there.”

And this…?

Matt Kuscher: “Dan Marino/David Hasselhoff one-of-a-kind piece that you’re never going to see anywhere in the world.”

But not so much … Florida.

Alex Miranda: “I know you’re from Florida.”

Matt Kuscher: “Uh, I’m not.”

Alex Miranda: “You absolutely are from Florida.”

Matt Kuscher: “But I’m from Miami, though.”

Alex Miranda: “Right. Miami, Florida?”

Matt Kuscher: “No. Miami-Dade County.”

Alex Miranda: “Florida.”

But, with their 20 TVs and even a Pitbull-worthy VIP room, everyone’s welcome, even from Florida.

Matt Kuscher: “Just do good things, and do it right, and it’s gonna be good.”

Kush at Clevelander Sports Bar
1020 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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