Rapper Ludacris is coming for that number one spot in the box office, TV and music. The star gave Deco a little Southern hospitality by sharing his new and rather large plans.

Ludacris: “What’s going on, everybody?”

Fresh from hosting the iHeart Radio Music Awards, Ludacris is coming back to TV.

Ludacris: “Get back, get back, you don’t know me like that.”

We will know Luda like that after we watch this new series based on his life.

Ludacris: “BET. We sold them my story and my days in radio and how it started out and over the last decade, two decades, radio has just changed drastically in terms of the competitive levels of how cutthroat it used to be. So many different things about, obviously, how we play music, and life behind the scenes, like when the radio mic is cut off, what are these radio disc jockeys’ lives really about? That’s what we want to take a peek into.”

We also wanna peek into the last and final “Fast and Furious” flick.

Ludacris (as Tej Parker): “It’s showtime!”

Tyrese (as Roman Pearce): “Here we go!”

Ludacris: “Ten is definitely going to be shot next year, and I feel like it should be coming out 2026 but, you know, it’s one of those things where this is the finale. So, we gotta, all those, like everything has to come together and be right, so that’s what’s taking time, is getting the script right.”

Ludacris (as Tej Parker): “We’re talking about breaking into a police station.”

Out of all the movies from the franchise, we wanted to know, which one is his favorite?

Ludacris: “Five is still kind of my favorite one of all of them. If you just think about the screenplay and how everything came together and the surprise element, the twists and turns of that movie. We’ll see what can happen in this finale. Man, I’m hoping that we can top that.”

Announcer: “We proudly welcome to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges.”

Last year, Mr. Bridges got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but 2025 is music to his ears.

Ludacris: “Yeah, we in the studio now, so, we’re working on new music. Next year is like a milestone year for my career in terms of the amount of years we’ve been in it, so, just reinvigoration, reinforcement and Ludacris all over again. Everything comes full circle.”

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