We could all use a little more magic these days, and Jason Momoa is here to give it to us. His new movie “Slumberland” hits Netflix Friday, but Deco’s hearing from him tonight.

Sweet dreams! Jason Momoa guides Marlow Barkley through a magical adventure in “Slumberland.”

Jason plays Flip, an outlaw on a mission to help a young girl named Nemo travel through dreams in order to reunite with her father.

Marlow Barkley: “Nemo’s going through a very difficult time right now, and she doesn’t want any extra weight, uh, especially Flip, because he’s very crazy and out there, which is the opposite of Nemo. And so, I think she thinks that she’s very independent, and she doesn’t need him, but then throughout the movie, she realizes how much she really relies on him and how much he relies on her, and they’re just– their bond becomes closer.”

Slumberland is Jason’s first comedy.

So Flip is super special to him.

Jason Momoa: “I really love the idea of him going, being this wonderful character, but the same thing is he wants to know who he is and where he, you know, he wants to go home, and meets this one and that’s my key to kind of find who I am.”

Director Francis Lawrence says the film is a story about loss and healing, which he thinks many people can relate to.

Francis Lawrence: “I do find that it’s people with hope and people with resilience that can, sort of, get past things that are really, really difficult, and that was the thing that I wanted to really focus on, especially for the character of Nemo.”

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