Day or night, Wynwood is always a good time, but most of us have to go back home at the end of the night. Boo-hoo!

Not anymore, though, because Miami’s most artistic neighborhood just got its very first hotel … and it’s a work of art, too. Deco’s Alex Miranda, who’s already raving on Yelp, has the story.

Arlo Wynwood has 250 works of art throughout the hotel — 251 once you walk in. That’s what you call a pickup line.

But there’s even more to do after check-in.

I know we haven’t really started this story yet, but…

Jennifer Hiblum: “First hotel. Can you believe it?”

Alex Miranda: “Like, first ever hotel in Wynwood?”

Jennifer Hiblum: “First ever official hotel in Wynwood.”

Well, breaking news, I guess: there is one now.

Jennifer Hiblum: “You’re able to look into the neighborhood, enjoy it, but from a distance, in the privacy of your own room.”

And Arlo Wynwood isn’t just a nine-story hotel with 217 simply stylish guest rooms — the majority of which…

Jennifer Hiblum: “Face the courtyard with private balconies.”

It also comes with fortune cookies, OK?

Alex Miranda (reading fortune): “‘Future you is watching you, but what are they saying?’ Make better decisions, probably.”

But this is artsy Wynwood.

Alex Miranda: “Do you have to be cool to stay here, or is anybody invited?”

Jennifer Hiblum: “Everybody is invited. Come as you are. Whatever you want, we will make sure your experience is what you want it to be.”

To be safe, I’m bringing the chic-est person I know.

Catherine O’Hara (as Moira Rose): “Won’t you join me for a little stroll through the slice of paradise I like to call…”

…their rooftop pool with 360-degree views of Miami.

Jennifer Hiblum: “Hang back in one of the cabanas, lounge out in one of the chairs.”

And bar!

Alex Miranda: “Christine, thank you so much. Ugh, red is my favorite flavor. I can’t stand purple.”

Christine: “But Alex, red and purple are not flavors.”

Alex Miranda: “They’re not?”

Who wouldn’t want to live like this?

Meryl Streep (as Miranda Priestly): “Everybody wants this.”

And options, like Higher Ground, their third floor cocktail lounge.

Jennifer Hiblum: “The outdoor sort of lush, Amazonian rainforest-style environment, or come inside for a more chilled, laid back-type feel.”

How fun is this? Some of the cocktails are on draft, including the Above the Canopy, a vodka-eucalyptus drink.

Alex Miranda: “Just pull the lever and bathe.”

Christine: “You can shower your mouth with rosé, is how I think would be the best way.”

Hungry yet? let’s talk fine dining at Marygold’s.

Catherine O’Hara (as Moira Rose): “Did someone say fine dining?”

Jennifer Hiblum: “They refer to it as a Florida brasserie.”

There’s even free yoga.

Jennifer Hiblum: “Three times a week to all of our guests.”

Catherine O’Hara (as Moira Rose): “And, when it’s time to escape the hustle and bustle of the downtown core…”

Alex Miranda: “Rest on this rocking chair with The Sunset on La Playa, which is a mezcal drink from paradise. You’ve got the banana leaf over here, but to be honest, I ordered the entire cocktail just for the mariquita chips.”

Jennifer Hiblum: “It’s spectacular.”

They lend out bikes and have pool parties.

Rates at Arlo Wynwood start at $239 a night.

Arlo Wynwood
2217 Northwest Miami Court
Miami, FL 33127

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