Reggae is the main dish being served at the Feel Good Music Fest. Whether you like traditional Jamaican or some Latin flavor, the rhythms are gonna get ya. Deco has the lowdown on this upcoming groove-fest. Get ready to be lively and liven up yourself.

SoFlo reggae-heads, your prayers have been answered. Feel Good Music Fest 2022 is coming to Miami Beach.

Eddy “Bachaco” Murillo: “Feel Good Music Fest 2022 is one more reason to celebrate reggae music and Latin music, honoring reggae music’s influence.”

Reggae is at the center of the event, but so many different styles will be on display.

Eddy “Bachaco” Murillo: “With bands from Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Jamaica. It’s a community of feel-good music.”

Heading up that community are Jamaican legends Inner Circle.

Roger Lewis: “We’re all from the Americas, and as far as I am concerned, Miami is like the main big melting pot of all the Americas right here, man, so perfect time for the feel-good fusion.”

It’s the universality of the music that has these giants jazzed.

Ian Lewis: “We have played most of the major cities in South America, and I mean, we play in English, but they feel the vibe because it’s, you know, transmitting that sunshine feeling.”

Jamaica won’t be the only island represented. Gomba Jahbari will be dropping the full flavor of Puerto Rico on the crowd.

Don Carmelo: “I’m bringing this old school recipe of reggae roots from the Caribbean, the islands, plus the blend of the Latin salsa spice that runs into Puerto Rican veins.”

The 305 won’t be left out. Eddy Murillo and his band, Bachaco, will represent Miami onstage.

Eddy “Bachaco” Murillo: “If you like concerts, if you love Latin music, and you feed off that energy from musicians being onstage, that’s for you. That’s what we’re trying to transmit.”

The Feel Good Music Fest goes down this Sunday at the Miami Beach Bandshell.

Feel Good Music Fest 2022
Sunday, Sept. 18, starting at 3:30 p.m.
The Miami Beach Bandshell
7275 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33141

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