Ready for a creature feature? If you need a little help getting in the spooky spirit, a scary movie might help. From serial killers to bloodsuckers, here’s a look at some movies that’ll scare the pants off you … but let’s be real: we want your pants off.

Jamie Lee Curtis (as Laurie Strode): “No, no, no! Let it burn!”

Omar J. Dorsey (as Sheriff Barker): “No one told you?”

Judy Greer (as Karen): “Told me what?”

Omar J. Dorsey (as Sheriff Barker): “Michael Myers is alive.”

Scares to a good time.

Mike Myers better run if he knows what’s good for him. Everyone’s out for his blood in “Halloween Kills.”

Jamie Lee Curtis: “Laurie is wounded, and her daughter and granddaughter have to take up the mantle, but they are met with a whole group of people from the town.”

Erik Davis, Fandango: “If you want to revisit a famous slasher and a classic slasher and a franchise that’s familiar to you, ‘Halloween Kills,’ the sequel to the 2018 ‘Halloween’ movie, and also the 1978 original directed by John Carpenter.”

For those of you who want to scream at home, renting a movie like “Return to Woodsboro” would be the way to go.

Erik Davis: “Partly because it’s celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Believe it or not, the original ‘Scream’ movie, also because we’re getting a new installment in January.”

If you really want to dig up an oldie but goodie, check out “The Shining” with Jack Nicholson.

Erik Davis: “If you want to go even further back, I would say ‘The Shining,’ a moody classic that we’re seeing a lot of directors pay homage to.

Or sink your teeth into a cult classic: “Interview with the Vampire.”

Watching Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise turn Kirsten Dunst into a vampire will definitely quench your thirst … for blood.

Witch, please. Nothing is scarier than “The Blair Witch Project.”

The film was shot on a camcorder. (Yes, it’s that old.) The shaky footage follows three students who disappear in a forest and tries to explain what happened to them.

After watching it, you’ll definitely sleep with the lights on.

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