Heat star Dwyane Wade hosts sneaker release party in Wynwood

While getting your kid some face time with Oprah is nice, that’s just the beginning of his big week. A designer created a new shoe as a tribute to the Heat star, and in SoFlo, that’s as good a reason as any to throw a massive bash. Deco managed to get inside.

Dwyane Wade was feeling the vibes in Wynwood last night, because the Vibes 305 Art Basel party at the ToeJam Backlot was a celebration of all things DWade.

Gil Green, director: “It’s basically a collection of art, food, and this year we are honored to have Dwyane Wade host it in partnership with The Edition Boutique, and they’re presenting a new Wade shoe.”

The limited release of the Way of Wade 7 and Ace Essence sneakers are in honor of Wade’s last year playing for the Miami Heat.

Dwyane Wade: “They did an amazing job of collab-ing with us for these two sneakers we are releasing.”

The event wasn’t just about the footwear. It also featured Heat videos and photos from Miami director Gil Green.

He’s been filming Wade and the Heat intros for a while, and he said their bromance is real.

Gil Green: “I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Wade for the last 10 years, working on the intros for the Miami Heat, other type of film, so we’ve had a really good relationship over the years.”

Gil’s not the only one who’s built a relationship with DWade. Miami rapper Flo Rida and Heat player Josh Richardson also hit the bash to show their support.

Josh Richardson, Heat player: “It’s Art Basel starting, and it’s always exciting, but D told me he was having an event, so I wouldn’t miss it.”

Flo Rida: “305 born and raised. Anytime I can support home team, you know, I’m definitely coming out. Big fan of the Heat, big fan of DWade.”

Speaking of the Heat, Wade says he’s not thinking about his retirement just yet.

Dwyane Wade: “Right now I’m just trying to enjoy this last season, trying to continue to enjoy all my fans. I get to retirement when it comes, but right now I just enjoy being an NBA player.”

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