Sometimes you just need a little TLC, some R-and-R, a little bit of down time. Whatever you wanna call it, odds are you probably need more of it. That is exactly the case for Kevin Hart in his new movie “Me Time.” Thankfully, his pal Mark Wahlberg is there to show him how it’s done.

Amentii Sledge (as Ava Fisher): “Have fun!”

Andrew Santino (as Alan Geller): “Every parent’s dream is to spend a week without their family.”

Kevin Hart (as Sonny Fisher): “I get some me time!”

Let’s be real. We could all use a little more me time.

Andrew Santino (as Alan Geller): “Sonny, you have no life outside of your kids.”

Kevin Hart (as Sonny Fisher): “My wife is an architect. We made a decision that’s best for me to take care of the kids. It’s called a system, which works.”

Andrew Santino (as Alan Geller): “Yeah a prison system.”

In “Me Time,” Kevin Hart plays a stay-at-home dad who finally gets a much needed vacay, so he reunites with an old friend, played by Mark Wahlberg, for a wild birthday adventure.

Mark Wahlberg (as Huck Dembo): “This week isn’t about me. It’s about us.”

Sounds fun, right?

Kevin Hart: “It was nothing but good times for me.”

Mark Wahlberg: “I had an absolute blast working with this man. He is so funny. He is so kind. He is so generous with his time.”

Mark Wahlberg (as Huck Dembo): “This is the big dog.”

Kevin Hart (as Sonny Fisher): “I’m the big dog!”

Kevin and Mark are both dads of four, which has a big impact on how they spend their personal time.

Mark Wahlberg: “Having to be responsible, I think, uh, we could still have fun. We cut up, but just a very contained, safe space.”

Kevin Hart: “You know the crazy thing about fatherhood? What I’m realizing is that, OK, now I got two real young ones, and with the old ones, damn, I need to make sure that I’m more present, more around for certain things I now realize I’ve missed.”

But don’t worry, they’re working on some plans to unwind together — off set.

Mark Wahlberg (as Huck Dembo): “We gotta do this together.”

Kevin Hart (as Sonny Fisher): “It’s always something crazy. I just feel like this is too much.”

Kevin Hart: “You know what we’ll do? Honestly? We would go somewhere, we would find nice bottles of wine, and we would drink some wine and talk.”

Mark Wahlberg: “Yeah.”

Kevin Hart: “I love talking to the guy.”

Mark Wahlberg: “Laughter is the best medicine, but I damn near think it’s gonna kill me, because I’ve done too much of it this morning.”

Look, Kevin’s a busy guy. Between movies, his stand-up specials…

Kevin Hart (doing stand-up): “Did you get it? Did you get the joke? You got it? I just felt like you should’ve gave a bigger laugh.”

And his “Hart to Heart” interview series. So, is he getting enough me time?

Kevin Hart: “I’m gonna find more time for the me time. I do have some, but I do need to start exploring the world of taking a break.”

Mark Wahlberg (as Huck Dembo): “I told you you could do it.”

Kevin Hart (as Sonny Fisher): “I love you, Huck!”

“Me Time” is now streaming on Netflix.

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