Guest stars light up ‘Star’

Drama! Divas! Amazing voices! Yes — it’s time for a new episode of “Star.” Naomi Campbell is back doing what she does best: Being fabulous, and telling us what’s going down on tonight’s episode.

Ryan Destiny (as Alexandra Crane): “She’s talented.”

Naomi Campbell (as Rose Crane): “She’s positively repulsive is what she is.”

Momma Rose is back on tonight’s episode of “Star.”

Naomi Campbell: “‘I think really Rose is trying to mend that lifeline with Alexandra and there’s a few shockers and, but you know, Rose is just there, whenever her daughter calls, she just wants to be in her life.”

Naomi Campbell’s character loves that her daughter Alexandra, and her bandmates are determined to make it in the music industry.

Naomi Campbell: “I think these girls really deserve a break. They are really trying. They are really breaking their backs to get a deal, and they don’t want to take it from me. You know Momma Crane could do it in two seconds, but you know, I get it, my daughter wants to work for it, so let her work.”

But Naomi isn’t the episode’s only guest star.

Paris Jackson (as Rachel Wallace): “Give me something. Give me somethin’ sexy, seriously.”

Paris Jackson makes her acting debut tonight as a social media guru.

Paris Jackson: “This role is really opposite to me, and for it being my first real on-camera acting, I think it’s a good way for me to show my acting capabilities.”

The episode also brings plenty of music, drama — and surely discussion.

Ryan Destiny (as Alexandra Crane): “A cop gets a smack on the wrist and it’s over.”

Brittany O’Grady (as Simone): “If we stay quiet, they’ll think it’s OK with us and it’s not OK.”

Queen Latifah (as Carlotta Brown): “Of course it’s not.”

Campbell says she appreciates how show creator Lee Daniels doesn’t shy away from tackling social issues…

Naomi Campbell: “It’s what’s happening today. Why should he shy away from it? And if some people don’t want to watch the news, they’re fed up with the news, they’re going to watch ‘Star.’ You’ll get it from ‘Star’ if you don’t get it from the news. It’s the way of the world today.”

Naomi Campbell (as Rose Crane): “I know all about love and a messed up man.”

You can watch Naomi, Paris Jackson and the entire cast of “Star” tonight at 9 p.m. right here on 7.

And with only two episodes left — you don’t wanna miss a minute.

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