If you love a good scream, you’re in luck, because the “Scream” franchise is about to drop Part 6. There has been a lot of screaming and slashing through the years, but fans can’t seem to get enough. The cast is telling Deco how their latest film is a stabbing good time.

Just a suggestion, but you probably shouldn’t answer that.

Courteney Cox (as Gayle Weathers): “Hello?”

Ghostface: “Let’s play a game.”

Courteney Cox (as Gayle Weathers): “You know you’re like the 10th guy to try this, right?”

Oh, boy. Here we go again.

He’s baaack! Ghostface is slashing his way onto the big screen for “Scream VI.”

Courteney Cox: “I think that people are going to go nuts. It’s so much fun, and to see this with an audience — the build and the excitement and the laughter.”

We’re definitely going to need some Neosporin. Maybe an ambulance?

Melissa Barrera: “Everything just feels bigger, like it feels like a bigger movie, in every sense, and it’s cool to be back with the family.”

Four survivors of the Ghostface murders leave Woodsboro behind for a fresh start in New York City.

Melissa Barrera: “Ghostface always finds a way. In New York, in the chaotic and bustling city of New York, danger is around every corner, and so, I think it makes it that much more suspenseful.”

That’s an understatement.

Because a new killer embarks on a bloody rampage … and guess who he’s after? Yep, Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega — again.

But Jenna says she couldn’t wait to be back on set.

Jenna Ortega: “I came into this job knowing it was just going to be a good time, and it wasn’t going to feel like work.”

All the OGs like Courteney Cox are back, ’cause you need experience when you take on a psychopath.

Courteney Cox: “These films to me are so frightening and gory in a good way, so realistic, the way they do the special effects and the stabbings.”

If you’re still brave enough to watch the film after hearing that, make sure your voice is ready for all that screaming you’re about to do, because…

Courteney Cox: “The kills in this movie are – it’s crazy. There’s more stabbings per person than I’ve ever seen, and you have to make it bigger and better. Of course, people expect that. You have to amp it up every time, and they’ve accomplished that.”

“Scream VI” slashes its way into theaters next Friday, March 10.

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