He’s the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Elvis Presley is an icon of the 20th century. Now, Presley is the subject of a new movie. Here’s a guy who knows how to shake his pelvis — Alex Miranda — to tell us all about it.

Elvis’ marriage was almost as famous as his music, and in a new biopic directed by Baz Luhrmann, Priscilla Presley steps into her own starring role.

To the world…

Austin Butler (as Elvis Presley): “I’m going to show you what the real Elvis is like tonight!”

He was the king of rock ‘n’ roll.

Elvis Presley (singing): “Well, you ain’t never caught a rabbit, and you ain’t no friend of mine.”

But to Priscilla, Elvis Presley was the love of her own history book.

Austin Butler (as Elvis Presley): “I’ve never met anyone like you.”

Olivia DeJonge (as Priscilla Presley): “Well, I hope not.”

In the new Elvis biopic…

Olivia DeJonge: “It’s one of my favorite movies that I’ve seen. It’s just – it’s in there. It’s in the heart.”

Olivia DeJonge plays wife and then ex-wife of “Fire Eyes.”

Olivia DeJonge: “Priscilla has a beautiful aura about her, and she has a groundedness to her as well, you know? She feels very level-headed.”

Just what the Tiger needed, at least for the time.

Austin Butler (as Elvis Presley): “If you’re looking for trouble, you came to the right place.”

While many fans believe he was exploited by his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

Tom Hanks (as Colonel Tom Parker): “All that your momma has sacrificed for you will be for nothing.”

But Tom Hanks says, maybe this guy has gotten too bad a rap.

Tom Hanks: “That just comes down to human frailty, because nobody is a purely diabolical genius.”

Well, his marriage did end four years before he died, at age 42, but that love never left.

Olivia DeJonge: “It touched my heart, and I think, to learn about their friendship, all those years afterwards, it truly, truly was very, very special.”

Olivia co-stars with Austin Butler.

Austin Butler: “That was my life, and I got to just hang out with him every day and feel what he feels like on the inside.”

Austin can’t seem to completely shake off the King.

Olivia DeJonge: “He did such a good job in the film, and he threw himself into that character, and I’m sure it’s a hard one to let go.”

Especially after analyzing Elvis’, you know, pelvis.

Austin Butler: “I thought, ‘That’s so overtly sexual.'”

Alex Miranda: “Yes.”

Austin Butler: “And then you see this smirk on his face afterwards, because he knows what he’s doing.”

“Elvis” opens in theaters on Thursday, and here’s something different: you can actually see it for free. Just email your name and phone number to giveaways@decodrive.com. Good luck!

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