Size matters. We like our waistlines tiny and our jewels giant. In the upcoming film “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” the cast prefers a colossal canine.

Bigger is better in “Clifford the Big Red Dog.”

The movie is based on the iconic children’s book series about a gigantic red pooch.

Jack Whitehall: “We take the central iconic characters of Clifford the Big Red Dog and Emily Elizabeth, and then give them the Hollywood treatment.”

Darby Camp and Jack Whitehall are Emily Elizabeth and her uncle Casey.

Though the movie’s set in New York, they were excited to talk about their favorite mutt while hanging out in SoFlo.

Jack Whitehall: “This is real Miami. Look – oh [expletive], sorry.”

Darby Camp: “This is my first time in Miami. I have been to Florida a few times, but I’ve never been to Miami. So I’m excited to be here.”

In the flick, Emily and Jack find Clifford and save him from being captured by a crazy scientist.

But this isn’t all about rescuing the pup. There’s a life lesson, too.

Darby Camp: “Clifford teaches our characters how to love big and throughout the film just to be yourself. “

Darby looks a little different than she does in the film.

If you’re like us and think she grew overnight, not so fast. This was shot before COVID.

Darby Camp: “I think I did grow up overnight, but it was also like two and a half years ago, summertime of 2019, and now it’s fall of 2021.”

Since the story is about an oversized pet, we wanted to know what animals Darby and Jack would super-size.

Darby Camp: “I think, out of my two dogs, Stan Lee. He’s a miniature poodle; he is such a character and has such a huge personality.”

Jack Whitehall: “I would have a swan and have that 10 foot high, and I would probably have it deployed in military situations, ‘ccause they re actually more vicious than you think.”

Ummm … thanks. We’re gonna stick with adorable massive dogs. They’re more our speed.

“Clifford the Big Red Dog” is now playing in theaters.

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