Getting ghosted sucks, I hear…

But don’t feel too bad, it even happens to Chris Evans. Well, it happens to him in a movie that’s not really the same thing. However, it does make for a fun film. Especially when you add Ana de Armas, and a little bit of international espionage to the mix.

This isn’t the meet-cute you think it is.

Listen, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas have a really good reason for not answering the phone in Apple TV plus, Ghosted.

Ana de Armas: “And then he screws everything up.”

You tell ’em Ana!

The actress plays Sadie, a secret agent.

Ana de Armas: “The best of the best at the CIA. She’s the agent that, you know, that everyone would send to the most dangerous, you know, difficult mission.”

Who gets way more than she bargained for when Chris’ character, Cole, falls for her and follows her across the pond.

Chris Evans: “Cole gets kidnapped and then Sadie kinda is burdened with him throughout the movie.”

Uh-oh. Trouble in paradise already?

Chris says that makes it more fun to watch.

Chris Evans: “The more you root for them as a couple, the funnier it is when the circumstance kinda makes them turn on each other a little bit and become somewhat adversarial.”

Ghosted isn’t Ana and Chris’ first rodeo together.

Ana de Armas: “I thought it was a really good opportunity for us to get together again but in completely different roles.”

The two previously co-starred in Knives Out and The Gray Man. But there was a first for them when it came to this movie.

Chris Evans: “This is the first time we actually are interested in one another as characters and we still get the opportunity to argue and be combative, so it’s this kind of nice blend.”

The fighting is just for the cameras because these stars have nothing but love for each other.

Ales de Armas: “I think Chris is very talented and he is just genuinely funny.”

Chris Evans: “She can handle comedy and drama and action, so effortlessly. I’ve yet to see something she can’t do.”

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