Don’t be fooled by Danny Trejo. He might look tough, but only because he is very tough … tough with a heart of gold.

Danny’s purpose these days is giving back to the world and making sure his friends give back, too, because who’s gonna say no to this guy?

Chef Gordon Ramsay: “It comes down to this!”

[Danny Trejo screams from inside plate.]

It was worth the scare.

Danny Trejo recently joined Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen” for the taco tasting challenge, with the winning taco getting featured at Trejo’s Tacos.

When he’s not making people jump, the actor’s busy filming “From a Son,” which is directed by Danny’s son Gilbert.

It’s the story of a dad’s search for his drug-addicted kid.

Danny Trejo: “It’s an amazing movie. It’s the first movie I ever cried in.”

Voice over narrator: “A new world enslaved. This is a land in need of a hero. They call him Machete, Machete, Machete.”

While he’s proud of “From a Son,” Danny shared a role he’d love to return to.

Danny Trejo: “I would love to finish “Machete in Space.” It was really the first Latino superhero, you know, and what warmed my heart and still is when little kids — I live in a Mexican neighborhood — they come up and knock on the door, and they’re dressed as Machete. You know, they’re not Spider-Man. They’re not Superman.”

Seems like Danny deserves his superhero status, because he’s all about his philanthropy work, and if you want to be his buddy, you gotta pay it forward as well.

Danny Trejo: “Anybody that says that they’re my friend, you tell them, ‘Open the trunk of your car,’ and they’ll have thermal socks, they’ll have thermal underwear, they’ll have T-shirts to pass out to the homeless, because that’s one of the requirements for being my friend, is that you have to — you gotta give back.”

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