Everybody wants to stay in shape, right? But sometimes, getting to the gym is just so much effort. Forget that hassle. There’s actually a truck in SoFlo that brings the workout right to you.

Normally, people would be busting their butts inside a gym. Now, they can train outdoors, thanks to AWATfit, the fit truck. Trainer Richard Decker sets the exercise wheels in motion.

Richard Decker: “I already owned a monster truck, so I brought it to my buddy’s custom shop. I said, ‘Let’s make this a power cage. Let’s make this so we can have enough equipment hanging off the truck, so we can teach and do fitness outdoors.'”

When he says outdoors, he means outdoors. Even though you won’t have to go very far to work up a sweat.

Richard Decker: “And the beautiful thing about it is, you call, we roll. I mean, one of our slogans is ‘What’s in your driveway?’ Because we actually turn your driveway into a full gym with over 30 workout stations and probably 800 different variations on how to use them.”

The truck is now available in Fort Lauderdale. The city and the vehicle are a perfect fit.

Richard Decker: “South Florida, you have the perfect climate, people are already into fitness. It’s more health orientated than outdoors, so South Florida to me is an ideal location for what we offer.”

What they offer is enough equipment to meet anybody’s needs.

Richard Decker: “We have anything from battle ropes, to bungee runs, TRX, to boxing bags, so we bring a variation of workouts to every individual, and we switch it up all the time.”

There’s always an expert on-hand to make sure what you’re doing is right for your body.

Richard Decker: “So when we show up, the first thing that we’re going to do is assess the client, and they’re going to tell us their goals, and we’re going to lay out a plan on how they can achieve those goals effectively, so our trainers are very comfortable customizing workouts.”

How long the workout goes depends on you.

Richard Decker: “We could do a 20-minute workout a quick HIIT, we do 30-minute workouts, we do 45-minute classes, we could do an hour and a half workout.”

You can also kick it by yourself if you want, but you really don’t have to.

Richard Decker: “So the truck is designed to do one person. It can fit up to 30 people.”

These days, exercising outside sounds like a pretty smart idea.

Richard Decker: “There’s plenty of room to distance yourself from people, there’s plenty of room to enjoy an outdoor workout.”

James Jenkins: “By far, my favorite workout, and the best part about it is they bring the workout to me, so I have no excuses.”

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