Cream gives guests 12 days of sweet treats

If you love ice cream and you haven’t been to Cream yet, you have to ask yourself if you really love ice cream. Well, if you haven’t been, this is your chance. For the holidays, they’re offering up a gift they’ll keep on giving — for 12 days. Deco’s got the scoop on this sweet treat.

No, this isn’t the 12 Days of Christmas. It’s actually a little bit sweeter!

This is the 12 Days of Cream.

Armando Martinez, employee: “The 12 Days of Cream is Cream’s take on the 12 Days of Christmas.”

And we got a taste of the sweet treats at their Aventura shop.

The dessert hot spot, known for it’s homemade ice cream sandwiches, is giving you the sweetest gift of all: free treats and discounts for 12 days leading up to the big holiday. Like their pies, which are called Cream a la Mode.

Armando Martinez: “The pies are the newest in our line of warm baked goods that we combine with our ice cream.”

Choose from three different flavors: cherry, blueberry or apple.

Armando Martinez: “You can just have the pie or have the pie with a scoop of your favorite ice cream and a couple toppings.”

The pies are baked fresh and they’re a great way to indulge… a little.

Armando Martinez: “They’re small, sort of personalized pies, and you get the whole thing.”

And these are clearly sweet as pie.

Diana Zuluaga, customer: “I really loved the apple pie with apple pie ice cream and the caramel sauce. Really creamy, good cinnamon. It was delicious.”

And they’re crunchy — yum!

Armando Martinez: “If you’re the type of person who sort of likes the crunchiness and the edges in the bottom, you really get that, so it’s really nice.”

Not into pie? How about some ice cream tacos?

It’s a taco-shaped ice cream cone filled with whatever your heart desires.

And it’s also part of the 12 Days of Cream special.

Armando Martinez: “Make sure you come in with your friends because it’s not limited to one person per offer. It’s Cream’s gift to you.”

Now that’s sweet!


18719 Biscayne Blvd.
Aventura, FL 33180
(786) 657-7905

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