Cousins Maine Lobster, seen on ‘Shark Tank,’ brings Maine lobster rolls, grilled cheese to South Florida

Lobster is delicious and heavenly — food to be treasured! We have a lot of great seafood places down here, of course, but please give a warm welcome to Cousins Maine Lobster. They’re new in town, and since they’re a food truck, they are still open for business.

Good lobster, ah, it’s a thing of beauty.

Cousins Maine Lobster knows a thing or two about that.

Alex Gavilla, Cousins Maine Lobster: “We’re about 30 trucks, over 10 brick and mortars, and we’re expanding all over the country.”

And now that includes here in brickell.

Alex Gavilla: “Our product is sourced directly from Maine. It’s sustainably-harvested lobster. It’s a little bit different than what we’re used to down here in Florida with the spiny tail lobster, so bringing the authentic Maine lobster to Miami was really important.”

Back in 2012, the company was featured on “Shark Tank,” a reality show for entrepreneurs.

From “Shark Tank”: “Sharks, at Cousins Maine Lobster, we bring the Maine lobster experience to Southern California.”

They really hit it big after that, and now, they’re in the 305 serving up deliciousness like lobster grilled cheese!

Alex Gavilla: “We toast the buns. It’s made on Texas toast. We put two slices of cheddar. We put a slice of pepperjack. We warm the lobster in a pan with a little butter. We put that all together, and it melts in your mouth.”

They’ve also got lobster tacos and lobster quesadillas — OMG, and while they of course offer the traditional Maine lobster roll, which has chilled lobster meat, they also do a slightly different version of it.

Alex Gavilla: “The Connecticut roll, we warm the lobster meat in a pan with a little butter, still comes in a toasted bun, and we top it with a lemon butter sauce.

Tassia Hoskins, customer: “I thought it was amazing. There’s not a lot of great places in Miami that have lobster rolls. It was amazing. Very buttery, just melted in my mouth.”

Oh, lobster, how we love you so…

Alex Gavilla: “It’s a hard item to get! Lobster is so unique, especially Maine lobster, and we’re providing it at an affordable price.”


Cousins Maine Lobster

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