Cobie Smulders talks fighting skills, muscles in ‘Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’

In “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back,” Tom Cruise does what he does best — punish the bad guys. But this time, Tom might be getting overshadowed by one tough lady.

Cobie Smulders (as Susan Turner): “You’re a legend. Folks wonder why you left. Purple Heart, Silver Star…”

In “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back,” Tom Cruise is a lone wolf who makes an unlikely friend.

Tom Cruise (as Jack Reacher): “Jack Reacher for Major Turner.”

Holt McCallany (as Col. Morgan): “Major Turner has been arrested.”

Tom Cruise (as Jack Reacher): “On what charge?”

Holt McCallany (as Col. Morgan): “Espionage.”

Major Susan Turner — a strong, confident officer — is brought to life by Cobie Smulders.

Cobie Smulders: “At the beginning of this film, she’s charged with conspiracy, and she’s thrown away in jail and for the rest of the film, her character is really driven to find the people who did this, to bring them to justice, because she lost two of her soldiers.”

As Reacher tries to help — he too gets entangled in the conspiracy.

Patrick Heusinger (as The Hunter): “How much does Reacher know?”

Sure Tom gets to show off his fighting skills, but Cobie isn’t exactly a damsel in the distress.

Cobie Smulders: “Usually you sign up for an action movie and Tom Cruise is the star, you’re like, ‘I’m just gonna be running behind you.'”

Not this time! The actress rose to the challenge and became the butt-kicking lead.

Cobie Smulders: “In the story, it may seem that way. It was like, who would know what to do here? Would Jack Reacher know or Susan Turner? A lot of the times, Susan would know what to do if she was in the facility before or she would have more knowledge about that. And much to Tom’s credit, he was like, ‘Oh, just have Cobie do it.'”

And just like that — Cobie was given some intense action scenes.

Cobie Smulders (as Susan Turner): “Soldier, you know who I am.”

I mean — look how buff this girl is!

Cobie Smulders: “I was! I lost all my muscles.”

Hey — muscles come and go … stealing the show in a Tom Cruise movie? That’s forever.

Cobie Smulders: “Oh, thank you!”

Cobie Smulders (as Susan Turner): “This is bigger than I imagined. You ever lose anyone on your watch, Reacher?”

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