Circle House Coffee lets you print your own image on your coffee

Time for coffee talk … Deco Drive style! Working in this business, we tend to have some pretty crazy hours, and that means we love caffeine, so when it comes to coffee, we know what we are talking about.

Circle House Coffee in Fort Lauderdale is serving up a great cup of joe.

But instead of writing your name on the cup, you get something even more personalized.

Stephen Tulloch, owner: “We will print any image you want actually on any lattes, cappuccinos, anything with milk frothing.”

Circle House has a machine called the ripple maker.

Stephen Tulloch: “I think it’s pretty unique that you can actually print a picture on the coffee itself.”

Using the free ripple-maker app, you send a saying or upload any picture to Circle House’s ripple maker, and then a coffee extract prints it on top of your drink.

Stephen Tulloch: “From the moment you send it to the ripple machine to the moment we get it and print it, it’s about 15-20 seconds. Seamlessly fast.”

Who needs latte art when you can get pictures of your favorite Deco Drive anchors on your java or surprise a loved one?

Victoria Posner, customer: “Ahhhh! That’s so cute. I love it. I have never seen that done before, and it’s amazing. To be surprised with, ‘Oh hey, that is me on the coffee.’ It’s amazing. I love it.”

Circle House was started by South Florida’s Stephen Tulloch.

He went from the high school football field in Miami to playing in the NFL to coffee.

Stephen Tulloch: “During my career, I drank a lot of coffee, and that is what got me going over the course of my 11.5 years.”

And now with Circle House and the ripple maker, he’s gotten creative and stayed local.

Stephen Tulloch: “We teamed up with Panther Coffee, and we made our own roast.”

At Circle House Coffee, you can have your brew say good morning or aloha or brag about your favorite show.

Stephen Tulloch: “It’s a great way to market your brand, yourself. I think it’s pretty cool you can actually print a picture on the coffee yourself.”


Circle House Coffee
727 NE 3rd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

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