Chill out in the high heat with these mango drinks

Mango season is one of the true treats of life here in SoFlo, and there are a million different ways to use them. Our favorite is to turn them into cocktails. That’s exactly what several area eateries have done, and the results are mango magnificence!

Mango season is upon us.

To truly appreciate this juicy delight, we checked out some mango-based drinks at three different destinations.

First stop, Tacology in Brickell.

Diego Nava, Tacology: “The Illumination is a combination between the smokiness of the mezcal, the freshness of the mint and the tropical sweetness of the mango.”

Once that’s all put together, it’s poured into a glass that resembles a familiar household object.

Diego Nava: “We call it Illumination because of the bulb.”

You will definitely get lit by sipping on this mango mixture.

Barbara Garcia, customer: “It’s refreshing, it’s sweet, it’s perfect, perfect for Miami. It’s very nice. I recommend it very much.”

Over at Scarpetta in the Fontainbleau Hotel, the mango is loved for being a bartender’s friend.

Daniel Love, Scarpetta: “Everyone loves it, and if you puree it or muddle it or chop it in a drink, it just makes a beautiful cocktail.”

The drink they’ve come up with honors both the fruit and a town across the Atlantic.

Daniel Love: “We’re calling it ‘Mango.’ It’s actually named slightly after the City of Mango in Piedmont in Northern Italy.”

This is a sangria-style cocktail using mango puree as its base.

Various liqueurs are added along with cognac and ice.

Shake well, top off with sparkling Italian red wine and crown with a piece of dried mango.

Daniel Love: “You get quite a bit of booze, and it goes down nice and easy too.”

AQ Chop House by Il Mulino in Acqualina Resorts makes a trip to Sunny Isles a must for any mango-head.

Anna Maria, AQ Chop House: “We are celebrating mango season. We try to always bring the fresh organic fruits to our bar.”

Two lovely libations await you here.

First up is the martini, aka the Mango Cloud.

Anna Maria: “We start with vodka, fresh lemon juice, a little bit of agave nectar, mango fresh, mango juice, just shake it really hard, serve it in a real martini glass with mango foam and lemon zest.”

The Mango Pazzo is crazy good — literally.

Anna Maria: “‘Pazzo’ is ‘crazy’ in Italian, so it’s a crazy, crazy drink for us.”

This bad boy’s made of lemon juice, mango juice, hibiscus simple syrup and mezcal.

Heaven in a cayenne pepper-rimmed glass.

Alan, customer: “I’m a new fan of mango, so this is a treat for me. It’s been a very pleasant drink so far.”


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