Cheap Thrills in the 305

You don’t have to spend a lot to look like a big spender in South Florida. We found two spots that will have you toasting to happy hour in the 305.

Oh happy day! Happy Wine in Miami has a happy hour that will leave you … what’s the word? Oh, happy.

Juan Restrepo: “We do by the glass $5 between 5 and 6, $6 between 6 and 7 p.m., $7 between 7 and 8 p.m. Then $8 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. — that’s Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.”

It really pays to get there early.

Customer 1: “It’s delicious, it’s refreshing and for $5, you can’t beat it.”

The cost is great — the booze is better.

Juan Restrepo: “We decided to chose Louis Roederer. They made Crystal, which is the finest champagne in the world, and this is the little sister.”

The bubbly will have you feeling doubly good — if you’re getting it at half price.

Customer 2: “Oh, it’s delicious, it’s good, just enough bubbles.”

The happy hour at Ocio in Doral will leave your wallet and your belly full.

Alexandria Guerra: “Every Thursday and Friday, the happy hour is from 5 to 7:30 and every time a guest orders a glass of wine or beer, it comes with a complimentary appetizer.”

There isn’t a limit. If you get three drinks, you get three free appetizers.

And, from the seared octopus to the fried calamari — there is something for everyone.

Alexandria Guerra: “The restaurant specializes in authentic Italian cuisine. It’s a little bit Italian with a Spanish twist.”

The apps cost from $7 to $20. But they’re free if you buy beer or wine, which ranges from $5 to $10 a glass.

That sounds like my type of savings.

Alexandria Guerra: “We really just wanna focus on giving people a great experience and not worry about money.”

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