Chasing Destiny

Beyoncé isn’t the only former member of Destiny’s Child who’s busy these days. Kelly Rowland has plenty going on. Between heading up her own show on BET and coming up with tasty ways to tame your thirst this summer, Kelly’s plate is awfully full.

As host of the BET show, "Chasing Destiny," Kelly Rowland is looking for the new female super group. She told Deco why she took up the search.

Kelly Rowland: "I just remember growing up, and there were so many different styles and types of girl groups, and I just feel like it’s missing. That culture is missing."

"Chasing Destiny" isn’t your typical talent competition series. Kelly says she’s looking for stars, not reality stars.

Kelly Rowland: "There’s no specific elimination moments and things like that. This show is extremely organic."

You definitely have to have musical chops, but that’s not enough.

Kelly Rowland: "Of course, there’s a talent, but also like a really cool, different voice, a very interesting look and sound. Those are the things that we were really looking out for."

Kelly knows what she’s talking about. After all, she did pretty well in a certain group.

There’s one important lesson she learned during her time in Destiny’s Child that every would-be star had better know.

Kelly Rowland: "And they cannot be afraid of work. I think that outworking everybody is what keeps you on top."

That’s not just lip service. Kelly, well, she’s working all the time.

Kelly Rowland: "I’m Kelly Rowland with two new ways to keep it colorful."

She’s promoting two new, fruity flavored drinks she came up with for Seagram’s Escapes.

Kelly Rowland: "Finally, of course, I have my two flavors, pink pineapple passion and orange sassy swirl."

Sounds like the perfect beverages to cool down a hot SoFlo soirée.

Kelly Rowland: "They are, they are, so if you get a chance, you know, you’re having a party, don’t forget about the ladies. I think the fellas actually like them, too."