It’s a whole new world for fans of “Aladdin.” The live-action remake is in theaters Thursday, but first, the cast of the feature film is making the most of the magic purple carpet at the movie’s premiere.

Will Smith (singing as Genie): “Prince Ali, mighty is he, Ali Ababwa.”

Exciting, sexy and really good!

That’s how the cast describes “Aladdin,” Disney’s newest live-action remake.

The vibrant feature film premiered at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles, Tuesday

Will Smith: “It was a scary endeavor to even consider because you can get smashed for taking on a role like this and not delivering.”

Actor Will Smith stars as the Genie.

Not only does he dance and sing his way through the movie…

He said he was inspired by Robin Williams, who played the Genie in the 1992 version of “Aladdin.”

Will Smith: “I wanted to deliver on the nostalgia, but I wanted to put my own signature.”

Actress Naomi Scott plays Princess Jasmine.

Mena Massoud (as Aladdin): “I thought a princess could go anywhere.”

Naomi Scott (as Princess Jasmine): “Not this princess.”

Mena Massoud: “Do you trust me?”

Naomi Scott (singing as Princess Jasmine): “A whole new world.”

Mena Massoud (singing as Aladdin): “Don’t you dare close your eyes.”

For Naomi, one of the highlights of the movie was working with Will.

Naomi Scott: “Will is just incredible. As I said, he’s the most generous actor I think I’ve ever worked with.”

Director Guy Ritchie said casting Jasmine was incredibly difficult, but once they found Naomi, they knew she was the one.

Guy Ritchie: “In the end, it was her charisma that won over, her sheer warmth of character. It’s very, very easy to like Naomi.”

Mena Massoud (as Aladdin): “Sometimes, princess. Sometimes, you have to take a risk.”

Egyptian-born Mena Massoud plays the title role.

The actor, who moved to L.A. just two years ago, said he can’t believe he’s starring in the movie.

Mena Massoud: “I would have never thought I’d be on a magic purple carpet on Hollywood Boulevard, so this is cool.”

Mena Massoud (as Aladdin): “Let me share this whole new world with you.”

It looks like all the hype will be worth it.

The movie is expected to make up to $85 million when it opens this weekend.

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